Cheryl Burke Says There Is More To William Levy Than Just Being Good Looking

Even though William Levy has garnished a reputation for his good looks and sexiness in Jennifer Lopez’s “I’m Into You” video and for his modeling and acting roles in Latin America, his partner Cheryl Burke says there is more to him than being good looking. You can read on her exact words below…

Levy may not be shy about flaunting his assets, but he doesn’t seem quite so open when it comes to discussing his relationship status. When Us Weekly caught up with him after the DWTS premiere Monday night, he refused to spill about his love life. “I have my partner right here!” He laughed, putting his arm around Burke.

Burke, for her part, seems thrilled about their pairing. “He’s not just good looking,” she insisted to Us. “There’s more to William than just that. He’s funny, he’s got a good personality, he’s very humble, and he’s a good dancer…Well, so far!”

More at US Magazine including a photo from a sexy “Wild West” shoot he did in 2007.

Thanks to Ms. Taz for sending this article to us. I like this guy and I agree with Cheryl how he seems to be very humble.

Showbiz Tonight talked about William Tuesday night as well on the impact he might be having on the show already including bring new fans from Latin America to Dancing With The Stars…

William is going to have an interesting journey on this show. I can’t wait to see how well he does in the dances coming up?