DWTS14 Mark Ballas: “It’s Going To Be A Fist Fight Until The End”

Katherine and Mark discuss Dancing With The Stars on Showbiz Tonight! Mark thinks it’s “going to be a fist fight until the end” with the level of dancing this season. Katherine is so humble and says if they brought some enjoyment to fans Monday night, that’s what they were hoping for. You can tune into more of this interview below…

Also, Mark has written another new blog for USA Today on their upcoming Jive which you can read about below. Be sure to read the link too because he’s planning something special Monday night to tweet to his fans.

Jive week is always one of my favorites, as it’s one of my favorite dances. This week , I can promise you an action-packed, fun, rockin’ jive with a touch of a theme and some slick, sexy costumes. In fact, I don’t think Katherine has ever worn something this sassy!

Looking back, I’m glad we prepared our jive routine during the four-week training period before the season premiere. It has definitely made this week less stressful when it comes to getting the choreography down.

I am really excited about getting on the floor and showcasing Katherine in the Latin round. Our music this week is really rockin’ too, which always helps with inspiration.