Jaleel White And Kym Johnson Discuss The Competition On Dancing With The Stars And More (Videos)

Below is Jaleel White on The Rosie Show! He reveals what’s happening behind the scenes of Dancing With The Stars. He also talks of who he sees as his biggest threat on the dance floor and lots more….

His partner, Kym Johnson, is also featured at Reality TV Magazine. Below is a take with her thoughts on Jaleel and the competition.

So, what does Kym Johnson think of her partner, the former Steve Urkel? Kym thinks that Steve is very intelligent and coordinated, which helps on the dance floor. She also added: “He’s very hard on himself. That can be a great quality, but it can be a detriment as well. It’s great because he strives for perfection, but he gets frustrated when he can’t pick a step up in the first two seconds. He just has to be a little bit more patient with the learning.”

As for the competition this season, Kym Johnson revealed that she is a big fan of Martina Navratilova, Katherine Jenkins, and Maria Menounos. Kym also reiterated what everyone has been saying along – the standard is very high this season, and she is looking forward to seeing how it all plays out each week.