Cheryl Burke And William Levy DWTS Week 2 Rehearsal Footage And Interviews (Videos)

TV Guide interviewed Cheryl about last week’s dance with her partner William Levy. She said she’s never received the screams she did with any of her partners before like she did with William. Below is a more….

Tom told me that a lot of ladies on staff were ogling him, so did you have any inkling that he would trigger this type of reaction?
Burke: No. I didn’t really know what to expect. I knew he is very popular in the Latin market, but I didn’t know how they were gonna react when they saw him here. And our show is obviously in the U.S. I was a little bit surprised. I didn’t think no one was gonna cheer for him or everyone was gonna cheer for him, but I was more like, “We’re just gonna go out and dance.” So having that support blew us away and I think really made us dance ever better.

You guys did great for rehearsing for only two weeks.
Burke: Actually it was only 10 days. I think they had been wanting him to come on the show and this time he said, “OK, I can do it, but I can’t start rehearsals when everyone else is” because he was finishing up his contract. We started later than everyone else. I was a little nervous. First of all, I didn’t know who he was. [Laughs] I just knew he was Latin and was thinking that hopefully he’ll have some natural rhythm and musicality. And thank God he did! If he didn’t, we probably would’ve looked like a disaster.

Also, below is some new rehearsal footage from Access Hollywood on William’s strengths and weaknesses. We get to know him a little more too…

ADDING: And below is William on Good Morning America this morning….

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ADDING #2: Wow big push for William today. Below is a new interview with ET as well…