Dancing With The Stars 14 Week 2 – Interviews After The Dance Part 1 (Videos)

Isn’t it always refreshing to get some class act Dancing With The Stars interviews from George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet and this time is no different. Let’s start out with Derek and Maria….

Derek tells why they’ve kept Maria’s injury under wraps. They’d didn’t want to be “known” as an injured couple. Maria danced last week with two broken ribs and keeps going. Derek calls her “amazing”. Maria says she didn’t want a big deal made on her injury and wants to concentrate on their work and all the fun. George says they are the most improved couple. They are happy and she hopes to find her “sex spot”. They have the Rumba next week if they make it and Derek plans to bring out the “love hand”. Wha??? lol

William had no idea he could be at this level of receive this much love. He feels so blessed for the attention. Cheryl loves all of her new Spanish fans as well. Cheryl thinks he has the potential to go far because he showed he can work hard and he could dance both ballroom and Latin. He says he has to keep listening to Cheryl and do everything she says. “Yes yes…”

Roshon and Chelsie are happy with their scores and placement. George tells Roshon he reminds him of a friend who use to dance in the movies with his fast legs. Chelsie says Roshon has the potential to win the mirror ball if he works hard.

Val says Sherri brings out the best in him and make his cheeks cramp up when she’s so funny all the time. She said she was able to breathe last night and wasn’t as nervous. They are happy with their dance and feel blessed. She wants to have fun and keep living the dream.

Melissa had a blast last night. She felt more relaxed. Maks is proud of her since she knew what to do under pressure this time. She hopes to keep improving. They are going to try to put up a fight.

Martina doesn’t know what happened last night. She says she just blew it. George talks of how much people love Martina. Tony feels so blessed to be dancing with her. They hope they get to stay another week and do better.

Mark says he doesn’t remember Katherine moving like she did last night. She says it was an “out of body experience”. She is loving every moment of this experience and she loves Mark.

Kym and Jaleel aren’t real happy with their scores, but, they had fun. He says he has to step it up in the next dance and look at the positives.

George tells Jack he’s so fun to watch and his attitude is so good. Jack says he’s trying to follow all of Anna’s orders. He wants to hear what the judges have to say so he can get better. Anna stresses that he just needs to let go and entertain.

Gladys has been watching the show from the beginning. George asks her on Len and the judges. She says you can’t always let negative feedback consume you. Tristan is so blessed to have Gladys as a partner. George says he thinks their fans will keep them on the show. She just wants to entertain and touch people.

Donald and Peta talk of how they’ve had such an amazing journey so far. Len’s comments made them feel very special. He wants to win and is determined to work and do whatever it takes. Peta raves of how Donald is so refreshing and amazing to work with.

Karina is happy with Gavin’s improvement, but, she says Gavin needs to relax and not be shy. George compliments him on his humor. George questions them on their rehearsal time as well. Karina says Gavin can’t talk as much and hopes to have some serious rehearsals. Hmmmm….

More interviews coming. Stay tuned for Part 2!! 😉