Pure Dancing With The Stars 14 Week 2 – Interviews After The Dance Part 2 (Videos)

I don’t know about you, but, I always enjoy former Dancing With The Stars pro Louis Van Amstel’s take on the dances after Monday night’s shows. Below is his “overall” take. If you’d like to read his full review, visit ABC here and see if you do or don’t agree with him on the night.

Overall. There were some disappointing routines and some really great ones this week. My top three tonight — William, Katherine and Roshon; all three have been consistent and have shown the most potential so far. Donald is an up and comer. I’m worried mostly for Martina (not happy about that) and am not sure if Gavin’s fan base can overrule Martina’s. I’m also slightly worried for Melissa. We’ll all have to wait to find out.

Carson Kressley had some thoughts as well on Good Morning America today. He thinks Katherine is the front runner. I agree with him on Martina’s pants. It’s a rarity to see anyone able to wear them well?

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Good Morning America also reviews the show last night…

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Below is an Access Hollywood interview with William and Cheryl. They are happy and hope to keep improving slowly each week. He thinks he can always do better. Keep watching this link as Access Hollywood may post more interviews later.

E Online chatted with some of the couples as well. Below is a take from the link. You have to really admire Derek and Maria not wanting “sympathy votes”.

“I’m kind of in love with Chelsie right now,” Roshon tells us when we ask if he’s currently dating anyone. “Honestly, I’m just working hard. I’m staying focused. My main goal right now is to get everything out of my heart to my fans because they’re my babies at this point. I got to give everything out to find out how much love I want to receive. Let me get it out of me first, then we can figure out whoever the girl is, if it’s Chelsie or not.”

Still, Roshon is facing some competition for Chelsie’s heart: his friends! “They’re just like, ‘Your partner’s fine!” Roshon says of his friends. Chelsie’s response to all of this gushing: giggling!

Sherri Shepherd missed a step during her jive, but she’s not going to lose sleep over the mistake. “I was just like, ‘You know what? Let me just do Tina Turner!’ I felt good. You go out there, you take risks and you be fearless. We were, so it worked out.” Her partner Val Chmerkovskiy takes some blame for the misstep, saying, “I was counting for her and I was like, ‘Girl, you’re killing it right now’ and then at that moment she forgot to sit down and do the move!”

Maria and partner Derek Hough almost had a setback this week when she injured her rib, but they didn’t want the focus to be on her injury. “Derek and I have so much fun together and we’re working so hard that the last thing I wanted it to be about was, ‘Oh, the sympathy vote. Poor Maria!'” Maria explains of trying to keep her injury under wraps. “I don’t want that. We really worked hard to keep it quiet.” Derek adds, “We don’t want to be ‘Oh, we’re the injury couple.'”

Still, Maria is battling a rib injury, telling us, “Every day I wear a rib brace.”

If the ballroom audience is any indication, it seems actor William Levy is a fan favorite and Cheryl Burke has a plan to keep all of his female fans voting for him next week, joking that he would be wearing “a g-string!” She says, “We do have the salsa. He won’t be in a tuxedo, that’s for sure.”

One contestant who won’t be taking off his shirt anytime soon? Singer Gavin DeGraw, who says, “If he takes his shirt off, I’d be happy to have it laundered for him! I will probably not be doing anything like that.”

Afterbuzz interviewed Sherri as well after the show.. Watch this link, they may post more Dancing With The Stars interviews later.

Lastly, here is ET’s coverage after the dances last night. The couples are all so cute! Note how William and Cheryl have the Salsa next week. Thanks to Codebear 4 for the video.

Speaking of Codebear4, he sent us some “popularity” stats from his You Tube hits last week that I found fascinating. Do these stats indicate how fans are feeling for the contestants overall right now? I don’t know, but, it sure is interesting;

William Levy 80,256
Jaleel White 29,266
Gladys Knight 23,091
Roshon Fegan 21,827
Martina Navratilova 20,361
Sherri Shepherd 18,956
Katherine Jenkins 18,591
Donald Driver 18,301
Melissa Gilbert 13,012
Maria Menounos 10,733
Gavin DeGraw 10,478
Jack Wagner 6,740

And that is all for now! Here’s to tonight! Dance and dance cool!! 🙂 xxx