Dancing With The Stars 14 On To Week Three Media, Dance Hints Revealed, And More (Videos)

We’ve got some relieved couples who weren’t eliminated from Dancing With The Stars last night. George Pennacchio from On The Red Carpet was there to get their thoughts and reactions after the show. He gets them to reveal some hints for what they will be dancing for week 3. He also asks him what style of dance they’d dance where they’d receive three “10’s”. Interesting questions as always. You can tell he’s a die hard fan like us wanting to know as much as he can. lol

First up, Peta and Donald mention having some hidden surprises and secret weapons planned for their future dances. Next week’s dance will be “emotional” and that’s all they will say.

Gladys and Tristan want a dance competition where no one is eliminated. Tristan says he “thinks” they have the Fox Trot next week, but, he’s not sure. Tristan says if Gladys could do a Twist to “mashed potatoes”, she would get all “10’s”. She has some touching words for Martina too since they go way back.

Melissa was so relieved when she was called safe. Maks remarks at how fast the competition is going so far. They aren’t sure on what emotional story in her life they will dance to next week. Melissa said she’d pick Hip Hop to try and get 3 “10’s”.

Jack would pick “White men have rhythm too” if he could pick a dance to receive three “10’s”. They have some kind words for Martina. For next week, they have the Samba and they hope to “wow” us.

Sherry was so relieved she was called safe last night. Next week, Val is planning a ‘huge contrast’ from what we saw this week. It will be a very personal story and a powerful one. We will see a whole new different “Sherri” from what we’ve seen so far. They would do some “R & B” pole dancing for three “10’s”.

Tuesdays are not easy and such is the case for William and Cheryl. For next week, they just want to have fun. They have the Salsa which is William’s favorite dance. Cheryl is “trouble waiting to happen”. 😯

Gavin is taking life minute to minute as George says. For next week, Karina hopes to show a deeper side to Gavin. They talk of how important “connection” is on this show. Gavin says he only has a Mick Jagger dance he could do for two beats for three “10’s”.

Jaleel says he and Kym have the Rumba for next week. They are confident they will stir some passion if he can do the steps. He would do the “electric slide” if he were to dance for three “10’s”.

Mark says they have the Slow Waltz next week. He says it will be something everyone can relate too. It will be “nice” and “memorable”. For three “10’s”, Mark said Katherine should do the Paso Doble.

For three “10’s”, Roshon would “free style”. Even though he’s young, he has a lot of stories he could tell for next week. Chelsie is planning to show an “impressive” side of Roshon.

Access Hollywood also has some interviews up of Roshon and Chelsie, Val and Sherri, and Melissa and Maks. Chelsie reveals she and Roshon have the Samba and it will be about someone who has inspired Roshon in the past… “a world changer”. Maks says they aren’t sure what they are dancing yet, but, hints at a Samba (or is he joking?). Val says they will have an emotional Rumba next week. Lot’s more on these three below…

Note how there aren’t any interviews with Derek and Maria in this group. Stay tuned to Pure Derek Hough. Heidi will post them there as soon as they are available.