DWTS14 Week 3 Mark Ballas Writes Of His Sole Focus For Katherine Jenkins And More

Mark has penned a new blog for USA Today. He gives hints for tomorrow night’s Slow Waltz with his partner Katherine. He says the music will be “stunning”. Below is more, but, be sure to read the link for the full blog.

Rehearsal went really well this week. One thing that was difficult was that we didn’t get Studio No. 1 at our training facility very much. That is the one studio that is a 100% replica of the set you see on TV, and it’s always the room all couples hope for and fight over. We had it only twice this week, and being that a waltz is a dance that requires you to really cover the floor and move, the space is imperative.

I’m really looking forward to this dance. It’s a different tempo for us, and I’m hoping the judges and you all will enjoy our interpretation.

The hardest thing about the waltz is how slow it actually is. It requires a lot of control and impeccable timing. Most would think that because it’s slow it would be one of the easier dances, but that is the reason it’s more difficult. Unlike the jive or other uptempo dances, you can’t hide any wobble or stutters in the waltz. Because it is so slow, you can see every little detail, and if you are off balance or out of time, you will be exposed by the slow tempo of the music. So foot control is extremely important.