DWTS14 Wisconsin Phone Company Has Advise For Fans Of Peta Murgatoyd And Donald Driver (New Photo)

Isn’t that a fantastic shot of Peta and Donald? ESPN posted it today along with a fun article for how fans are flooding up the Wisconsin phone lines every Monday night for them. So much so, the Wisconsin phone company told Packer Nation and fans to the duo they need to vote at the beginning of the show and not wait until the end. More below and at the link including Donald’s thoughts on last week’s elimination and a little on their dance tonight. I just love these two!!

“I was shocked, but in a competition like this you have to expect the unexpected. Anyone can be sent home on any given week. That may sound stressful, but it’s really not,” Driver said. “All you can do is work hard and compete. The rest will take care of itself.”

“The new dances are coming along great,” Driver said. “Our scores from the judges improved from week one to week two, and we want to keep that trend going.”

So far, “Packers Nation” has been flooding the phone lines, especially in Driver’s home state of Wisconsin, In fact, Driver’s team received a call from a Wisconsin phone company telling fans to vote throughout the show instead of waiting for the end because they’ve jammed the lines.

Also, below is a tweet today from Donald for who his dance is dedicated to tonight….