Dancing With The Stars14 Week 3 – Media and Interviews After The Dance Part 2 (Videos)

Below are some more great interviews from last night. First we have Mark & Katherine, Jaleel and Kym, and William and Cheryl with Access Hollywood. Each couple talks of how they brought each dance and story to life. Mark says it was like painting a picture. Cheryl talks of why they chose to take William’s shirt off. Jaleel talks of the hard week he and Kym had and how they haven’t let anything come between them and their connection.

William tells ET of how hard Cheryl made him work this past week…

The rest of couples are interviewed by ET as well…

E Online has a great wrap up on the night along with some interviews. Below is a little take….

“I knew I couldn’t listen to the package, I knew I couldn’t see photos of my dad so I had my hands on my ears Mark had his hands on my ears and he was singing to me in my ear,” she told us. “[It was] nonsense!” Mark laughed. “I was singing, ‘You got a blue dress on I got on a satin suit, We gotta bend our legs, bend our legs, bend our legs!'”

Afterbuzz has some great interviews up. Be sure to watch them all here.

Louis Van Amstel reviewed the night as well. I always enjoy his reviews. Below is his overall opinion. Read more here

Overall. So how inspirational was tonight? Nights like these in my opinion are the reason why “DWTS” became a No. 1 show. I’m very happy to see the judges acknowledge the positive instead of highlighting only the negative, but they were maybe a little too nice at points tonight. This week is all about positivity though, especially because the celebs are so revealing and candid.

Wow, who to send home? It’s going to be tough. From a dance point of view, I’m worried for Melissa and Gladys, which pains me to have to say. Can we skip elimination this week? No one deserves to go home after sharing so many heartfelt stories. Maybe we’re in for a surprise!?

Below is Good Morning America with a wrap up on the night. Nancy Grace has some thoughts too. It’s good to see her again….

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And lastly, below are some of couples being interviewed by PopTVDotCom going to an after party…

Shew and that is all for now (I think? 😯 ). Here’s to the results tonight and some great entertainment! Thanks for all you are and for being such great readers and contributors to the site. xxx