DWTS Cheryl Burke Writes On William Levy, Rock Week Coming, Fighting In Rehearsals, & More

Cheryl Burke has written a new blog for OK! Magazine. She writes on her and William’s dance last night and their upcoming dance if they make it tonight. She also addresses whether she and William fight in rehearsals or not (which I thought was interesting under the circumstances). Below is more in a take. Be sure to read the full blog at the link.

Next week is rock week so it’s not like it will be sexy, sexy. It could be sexy, sexy. But, we will be doing the Jive if we make it.

We definitely have been rehearsing long hours and William definitely wants to get the dance down. He does whatever it takes. We just do the job. Every Wednesday, he learns all of his routine so we can actually be able to work on it throughout the week.

As for fights, I know there can always be tension in rehearsals between partners. I think that William and I have a mutual respect and I think it’s very important to develop that with your partner from day one when you meet.