PureDWTS 14 Week 3 – Media and Interviews After The Dance Part 1 (Videos)

What a show last night again!!! As in weeks past, the couples did some interviews with George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet afterwards. Let’s see what he gathered up on the emotional night. Note: There aren’t interviews posted for Katherine & Mark and Donald and Peta for some reason. Watch the link, they may post them later.

First up, Derek and Maria! She tells George that it didn’t bother her to disclose more on her personal life last night. She says honesty can be inspiring. Derek hasn’t seen this much improvement so quickly in one of his partners and he’s so proud of her. They also discuss her wrestling this past week and her unbelievable schedule.

Gavin was so overwhelmed and “somewhere else” with their dance and when they received a standing ovation. He is emotional about his Dad. He loves learning to dance and finding what he’s natural at. Karina says he has a way of making every situation better. She believes in him and thinks they can climb up to the top.

George praises Gladys for her elegance last night. He and Tristan point out how no one really is at the bottom when they receive “24’s”. Gladys wants to “shake her tail feather” in the next dances if she makes it for what she’s more about. Tristan soaks up everything about Gladys. She inspires him and he learns from her. They talk of her double and triple duty besides her dancing on the show. She’s planning to do a new sitcom as well.

Sherri is so emotional over the night. George says the night was insane. Sherri says they all love being there and the bar is set high. They talk of her busy schedule. Val talks of how it was a difficult this past week, but, they learned a lot and plan to keep going forward. He cares so much for her and vice versa.

Cheryl tells George she and William are happy with their scores. She stresses how they needed to push themselves and do special tricks to keep up with the competition. William expresses how blessed he feels. He wants to keep concentrating on dancing and doing the best he can.

Maks tells George this cast is crazy and nuts being everyone is so good. Maks and Melissa are having so much fun together except on Thursdays. Her schedule is her family and dancing right now. Maks says don’t let the “prairie” zen fool you about Melissa. She’s about much more. They are happy with their scores last night and hope to keep doing better.

Anna and Jack are happy with their scores as well and it felt “good”. They had a great rehearsal and a great performance. Jack smiles big for the celebration of his story and hopes it’s a great message for everyone.

Roshon says it’s time for him to start really busting some guns out. He makes a shout out to William about his muscles and he wants them. George praises he and Chelsie for their Michael Jackson routine and complicated moves. Roshon says he’s having such a good time and learning a lot. Chelsie plans to keep pushing him. He talks of his album and tour coming up.

Kym and Jaleel talk of the hard week they’ve had. Jaleel mentions the tabloids, but, they are fine. They have a special relationship. They are having fun and hope they can keep dancing. It was an emotional week for everyone. Jaleel was happy with their dance.

More interviews coming up. Stay tuned!! 😉