SPOILERS!!! DWTS Season 14, Week 3 – Who Got the Boot??

Hold on to your hats, I’ve got a lot of complaining to do. Wait for it. 🙂 First though…

Anyway, our second elimination is: Jack and Anna (sob)

Our mini scorecard reads as follows:

Heidi: I had a lot of trouble deciding, waffling between the bottom 5, but I finally decided on Gavin numerically…but I had a suspicion about Jaleel.

Courtney: Had trouble as well, but said Gavin as well, with Jack or Gladys in the possible next position.

Again they do a real live bottom two, with Gavin in the safe position of the bottom – what is UP with that??

But worst thing of all possible things…we get three weeks of the judges deciding who goes home out of the bottom two scorers. This is the biggest load of bull in the history of the show, worse than the winner take all cha cha. That was, at least, a one time thing. But now, for the next three weeks, the two low combined scorers will dance off in front of the judges and then the judges decide who is safe. So, even if William or Jaleel aren’t getting any votes or they dance like crap on the night, the will likely stick around…possibly over someone who danced very well. You better hope your favorite doesn’t end up in the bottom two against Katherine or William (or Sherri).

You know? Let the show WORK without freakin’ tinkering with it!! It works quite well. But one of their favorites isn’t getting the votes and they want to make sure he (or she) sticks around for at least three more weeks. At least if Derek and Maria go out the regular way, I will know that it’s the way the show works. It’s in the rules, that’s how it’s always been. But if Maria ends up in the bottom two against William and the piece of meat stays just due to the vagina vote?? That will piss. me. off. Is your favorite Sherri or Melissa or Gladys or Gavin?? Forget it. If, as I suspect, William or Katherine isn’t getting the votes, you guys are screwed.

The thing is, who ever they consider their favorite could be the low scorer (combined judges score and viewer votes) by a significant margin, yet will stay over someone who actually did quite well on the night and is doing well with the viewers. Someone like Sherri. Or Melissa.

My suggestion?? Vote like you’ve never voted before. If William and Katherine both end up in the bottom (unlikely due to judges scores on the front end) then Katherine will stay. MAYBE. Jesus.