Dances Revealed For Rock Week On Dancing With The Stars: Jive, Paso Doble, Tango, Viennese Waltz (Results Interviews)

As always, George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet has the best questions for the couples after the results show. He asks them about “kissing” and the differences about learning things for their careers and dancing. He also asks on what their plans are for Rock Week. Read on for more, but, note how there are no interviews for Val and Sherri or Cheryl and William (yet!). Adding (thanks Heidi): Don’t forget also that Cheryl revealed yesterday that she and William have a Jive for next week.

First up Peta and Donald! They don’t think there will be any kissing in their future dances. George asks Donald the difference between learning the foot work for dancing versus football. Donald says there is a big difference since you have to remember where to put them and to “perform”. Next week, they have a Paso Doble and Peta hints at “pimping him out”.

Tristan and Gladys say they kiss all the time and it depends on what happens if they kiss in their dances in the future. George asks Gladys the difference between learning to sing and learning moves for her shows verses dancing. She answers with how much “technique” is important. They share some kind words for Jack. (according to @TristanMacManusfans at twitter, they’ve got a Tango next week.)

Maria explains how she has a good memory for all the things she’s doing in her career and how that’s helping her with dancing. Derek doesn’t know if there will be more kissing. It depends on the moment and the kind of dance, etc.. They are planning some “head banging” for next week’s dance. They have a Tango. It won’t be sensual, but, “hard hitting” instead.

Mark says there is no rule for kissing and sometimes dancers get carried away. Mark says it’s “acting” too. Katherine explains how she gets in a “panic” for dancing versus when she is singing. She worries she will forget her moves. For rock week, they have a Paso Doble with a great song. Mark hints at wanting to show a different, powerful, and harder side of Katherine.

Melissa says she has a photographic memory. Memorizing a script has always been easy for her. Learning choreography for dancing is similar, but, “letting go” and “doing it” is the harder part. Instead of kissing in a future dance, Maks plans to “kill her” instead. Is this a hint for next week’s dance? Yes, it is. They have a Paso Doble for rock week. Maks says it will be cool…he hopes. He ends the interview saying he loves Melissa.

Gavin explains to George the differences between singing and interacting with his fans versus dancing and how athletic it is. George stumps Karina with the kissing question. She says they’ve kind of kissed already in rehearsal. They have the Tango next week and they are going to dance to a song from a legendary band.

Chelsie says it’s very likely that they might kiss in a future dance. Roshon has a ‘pain’ to do so. Roshon says learning to sing and perform on stage in his career is ‘close’ to doing Dancing With The Stars, but, ‘not close enough’. It takes to time to learn each dance. It’s about “staying in the rhythm and trusting yourself”. For rock week, Chelsie hopes to show Roshon in an elegance and sophisticated way. They have the Viennese Waltz. It will be “different”, but “traditional”. Roshon hopes to bring the heat.

Kym and Jaleel address the rehearsal incident again. They are great friends and that’s all that matters. He also talks about being a Dad and taking his daughter out Monday night.

In the Access Hollywood interviews, Jaleel says he wants to rock out to “Jagger” next week and just have fun! Mark hints again at showing Katherine in an “aggressive” way for next week.

That’s it for now Dancettes! More later. 😉 xxx