Sherri Shepherd Gets A Letter Of DWTS Support From Former President Clinton

Can you imagine how Sherri must have been shaking in her booty (among other body parts 😯 ) when she found out she received a letter of support from President Clinton? Below is more from Zap2it for what she told The View today. You can read more at the link.

“Oh my gosh! I got a letter from former President Bill Clinton and he said, ‘ I was excited to hear that you’ll be joining the cast of “Dancing With the Stars” this season. Good luck with the competition and all those trips from New York to L.A. You’ve got my vote!” I’m so excited! Bill and Hilary Clinton, if you’re not doing anything, come see me! I’d love to have you as my guest on “Dancing With the Stars”

Watch here as The View might be posting some video footage of Sherri on today’s show in a bit.