Dancing With The Stars Host Brooke Burke Can’t Pick A Favorite Or The Top Two

Celebrity Baby Scoop has a new interview up with Brooke Burke. She talks of the challenges being a mother to four kids and on her new short film for Claritin titled “The Difference is Clear”. She also commented on the new season of Dancing With The Stars. She’s struggling with her favorite and who she thinks will win as many of us are. If interested, be sure to read the link for more.

CBS: Things are pretty hot on Dancing with the Stars already!

BBC: “I know, what a night on Monday! There were so many tears in the ballroom, it was such an emotional show. I cried and everybody in the ballroom was crying; the cast was crying. It was ridiculous [laughs]!

I think this is the strongest cast we’ve ever had as far as the quality of dancing goes. There’s different frontrunners every week and we have no idea who will make it to the semi-finals. Usually you kind of know early on, but everybody’s just so good. Even the bottom of the leader-board people are doing fantastic. It’s one of those very unpredictable season, but so much talent. Who knew with this cast?!”

CBS: Do you have a favorite?

BBC: “It’s really hard. I think Donald is unbelievable and he hasn’t had his shining moment yet. But he’s just such a loveable, charasmatic guy. But Gavin’s charming and loveable, Roshon’s an incredible dancer. I’m always partial to Derek and I think he and Maria had a great night Monday night. And of course Katherine already looks like a pro – it’s kind of ridiculous!

It’s a tough one this season. Honestly, for the first time ever, I can’t pick my top 2. And we usually place bets on who we think will win [laughs].”