DWTS14 Katherine Jenkins Opens Up About Drug Usage And More News (Video)

Good morning All! Let’s start the day off with a new Piers Morgan interview with Katherine Jenkins. She wanted to address rumors in America that she’s using drugs which she isn’t using any longer. She said, “It’s something that…kind of just being young and stupid, and in my teens, and experimenting with things that yes, I regret, and I definitely shouldn’t have done, but I wanted to come out and talk about it and be honest.” You can listen to more below. The interview took place last night. Did any of you see it? If so, let us know what else she said if you can.

Stay tuned! We hope to have more Dancing With The Stars updates on Katherine and Mark later!!

Adding: Here she is arriving for the Grand Opening of Robert Earl’s Planet Dailies & Mixology 101 at The Farmer’s Market yesterday. You can view more pics and read some teasers on her and Mark’s upcoming Paso Doble at the Daily Mail.

ADDING#2: Mark has written a new blog about their dance on Monday. Also note, that he will be dancing in a pro number. More below and at USA Today.

A big challenge for this week was getting Katherine in the fighting spirit, as she is the most soft-natured person ever. I had to really get creative with finding the right way to do this and you’ll have to tune in on Monday to see the result! We’re definitely going for an edgier look for Katherine this week. I think it’s going to be awesome way of showing her versatility and her ability to adapt well to all styles.

It’s been really great being at the top of the leader board for the past three weeks, but that’s not my sole focus. For me, as long as Katherine and I come off the floor feeling really happy, then I will be really satisfied whether we get high scores or not.

I will be dancing in the pro number on Tuesday, too, which I’m looking forward to because it’s my first pro number on the results show this season. I’ll be dancing to a guest artist that I used to listen to when I was younger so I’m really excited.