Pure Derek Hough Interviews Dancing With The Stars Pro Derek Hough

Our Miss Heidi has an exclusive, fascinating, new interview up with Derek at Pure Derek Hough where she and fans asked him some awesome questions about his dancing career, Dancing With The Stars, Maria Menounos, his new upcoming movie Cobu3D, and more. Below is just a little take…

PDH: What do you think will be Maria’s strengths and weaknesses on the dancefloor?

Derek: Maria is fearless on the dance floor. She’s up for anything and has really made a marked improvement early on in the competition.

PDH: After 9 seasons on TV show like DWTS, what is it like to look back at your competition days? Was it harder or easier to be the student under Corky and Shirley as opposed to being the teacher?

Derek: I enjoy being a student and learning. I don’t think you should ever stop being a student. That’s where the most creative ideas come from. Teaching is a blessing as well because I get to share what I’ve learned and my passion for creative movement with people.

You can read the full interview at Pure Derek Hough. Nice!!! Be sure to check out all of her other new things on Derek and Maria too!!

Picture above courtesy of Zimbio Pictures.