Katherine Jenkins Talks Of Her Expectations For Dancing With The Stars, Tonight’s Dance, And More

In a new TV Guide interview with Katherine Jenkins, she tells them she never thought she’d be doing this well on Dancing With The Stars. She talks of her dance experience, her expectations for the show, and says tonight’s dance has been more challenging for her. More below….

Everyone, understandably, is pegging you as the favorite now. Do you feel like you are or are you ignoring all the chatter?
Jenkins: It’s lovely to hear, but I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want to be called that. I’m taking it week by week, and anything can happen to any of us. You’re only as good as the week you’re working on. I don’t want any of the extra pressure because this is a fun experience and something I want to keep enjoying. I don’t want any of the expectations put on us.

Did you have any expectations yourself when you started?
Jenkins: I had absolutely no clue how I was gonna do. In my day job, I stand in one place and sing with an orchestra behind me. It doesn’t really require any movement! Yes, when I was young, I took a few tap-dancing classes, but they weren’t training classes. I stopped all that once I realized I wanted to do classical singing. I’ve never thought about dancing and now that I’m doing it, I’m loving it!

Since it’s Rock Week, what are your favorite rock songs and bands?
Jenkins: Well, if I told you some of that, it would give it away what our song is! [Laughs] To be honest, that’s not really the music I listen to, hence why it’s gonna be more of a challenge for me, but I’m really excited by our song, so you’ll just have to wait and see.

You can read the full interview at TV Guide.