PureDWTS POLL: Can Voters Move On From Jaleel White’s Abuse Accusations & Blow Up With Kym Johnson?

Good Morning America went into the rehearsals of Kym Johnson and Jaleel White. Cameron Mathison questioned Jaleel straight up on the abuse accusations from his ex girlfriend and his relationship and the blow up with Kym Johnson as they ready for their Tango tonight. “Is their smoke where there is fire?”, asks Cameron. Jaleel says yes and no. He blames the internet for exploiting everything. He won’t answers questions on his ex-girlfriend, but, he says everything is fine with Kym and she supports him. They shower her with cupcakes, etc.. More in detail below….

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So, what do you think? Can voters move on from what happened last week with Jaleel’s blow up with Kym and the recent abuse accusations? I know I can’t. Take our Poll below for what you feel….

UPDATE: Below is Jaleel on Ryan Seacrest this morning as well….

UPDATE#2: You can view an exclusive interview with Jaleel’s ex-girlfriend at ET here. Wow!