Donald Drivers’ Two Biggest Fans On Dancing With The Stars (New Interview And Video)

These two are just cute as pie! I am having the biggest “awwww” moment right now. Take a look at to see why for the pics they have up of Donald Drivers’ two kids. They’ve also interviewed them about their Dad and Dancing With The Stars.

Both kids agree they love watching their dad dance. They already know what they’d do if he brings the mirror ball trophy back home.

“I would put it in my room, and if anybody would touch, if anybody would be — ‘Don’t touch it! Don’t touch it, don’t touch it!'” Christina says.

“I would take it to school, let my friends touch,” Christian says.

“What if they break?” Christina asks.

“I’d do this. I call this the shark knife,” Christian says, holding his hand up straight.

Speaking of moves, Christian and Christina have some dance skills of their own. Christian says he wants to grow up and be just like his dad, play football, and maybe be an actor, too.

In the meantime, he’s trying out a different profession… as dancing judge.

“If I was one of the judges, I would put 10, 10, 10. Bang, 30!” Christian says.

“That’s what I would do, too,” Christina says.

So cute. Be sure to read the full interview for more. Also, if you missed the video below posted yesterday in one of our media posts, be sure you see it too. It’s of Donald and his family after the show Monday night.

So, have you had an “awww” moment yet?