Katherine Jenkins Talks About Her Career, Mark Ballas, And Dancing With The Stars (Video)

Katherine Jenkins went on the Late Late Show to talk all about Dancing With The Stars. She tells Craig Ferguson she’s “trying” to dance on Dancing With The Stars and “give it a go”. She runs through her career with him while he pokes fun. She’s having the most amazing time in America and doing Dancing With The Stars. Lots more fun with these two below.

Katherine has also written a new blog for Parade Magazine. Below is take where she writes on the elimination this past week and what she’s learned. She’s posted some cute pictures too. Be sure to see them at the link.

We were immensely relieved to have been saved (thank you so much if you voted for us) but gutted and shocked at the same time to see the very lovely and always cheerful Sherri Shepherd make her exit. She didn’t deserve to go and will be missed. And this brings me to lessons two & three of this week…

Lesson two: Everyone needs to vote for who they want to go through. If you don’t pick up the phone because you assume someone is safe then we’ll have another repeat of the Sherri situation.

Lesson three: Stay calm on elimination day. Even when all is going crazy around you, try to enjoy it because at that point, you can’t change a thing!

See you all next week for the Argentine tango…