Talking Tech with Maria Menounos and Derek Hough

This is kind of an odd little interview in USA Today, but I think this team will take all the PR they can get at this point.  They are being pretty much ignored by the other entertaiment shows besides E! and Extra.

Hough: “Because I’m choreographing the dance and I’m also in it, I need to see what we’re doing. I need a third eye. Using the iPhone or iPad to record is crucial. After I teach her the routines, I can view the video to see what I can’t see when I’m dancing with her, and e-mail her the video. I used to use a video camera, which now seems so old-fashioned, because the iPhone can do much more. It’s with me all the time, it’s high-definition, and I can e-mail directly from the device.”

Menounos watches the videos at the end of the night, while relaxing in an Epsom salt bath. “It’s a learning tool. I say, ‘Why did I bend that leg? The arm is supposed to be somewhere else.’ ”
The pair make frequent iPhone videos, which are posted online, aimed at getting viewers to vote to keep them in the Stars competition.

I had to add this picture from the Daily Mail – they get so little right, credit where due. 🙂