DWTS Louis Van Amstel With Some Last Minute Thoughts & A Report On Injuries Before Showtime

Louis Van Amstel (adding: who is dancing tonight and tweeted about being at rehearsals and writing about them in his ABC blog tomorrow) has some last minute thoughts on the show tonight. Note how the article mentions William Levy and a ‘busted up right ankle”. It also mentions how all three of the injured contestants (Maria, Melissa, and William) are “powering through”. More below including Louis’ thoughts on how Latin Week could be a disadvantage for some of the contestants….

The Power of the Safety Vote
This season has already seen its fair share of injuries: Maria Menounos hurt her ribs and feet; Melissa Gilbert sustained a mild concussion; and now fan-favorite William Levy has busted his right ankle. And while all three of the contestants are still managing to power through, but what do their injuries mean for their fan votes?

Amstel assures us that these unfortunate incidents could actually work in their favor. “I think if anything it could get them the sympathy vote, especially if it’s sincere and it’s not created,” Amstel comments. “In past seasons we’ve had some people that threw in the injury to kind of get votes, but in this case, all the injuries are legit. It could help.”

But Amstel believes that the best thing any injured celeb should do is to “go very easy until show day, so they don’t make their injury any worse.” Let’s hope they all heed his advice.

Latin Week: Some Will Be at a Disadvantage
On this show, contestants have to do way more than just prove they can dance — they have to show they have variety as well, which is the main purpose of having a theme each week. April 16 is Latin Night, so each couple will take on either the Salsa, Argentine Tango, or the Samba, demonstrating just how much they can heat up the dance floor. And while all of the dances provide a challenge in their own unique way, Amstel believes that some routines will definitely be more difficult than others. “In my opinion, the people who have Samba have a disadvantage,” Amstel reveals. “There’s a lot of technique to it and it’s the harder dance. The Salsa, I would say, is the easier dance. Then we have the Argentine Tango where you’re allowed to lift. So the people that have the Argentine Tango, they can use the lift, which is visually very impressive, so those couples have an advantage.”

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