Wishing Our Injured Dancers The Best On Tonight’s Episode Of Dancing With The Stars

Melissa Gilbert has written a new blog for People. She updates us on her medical condition. So far, so good….no headache yet. She’s planning to dance tonight even though she’s been having a hard time getting her mojo back. Details below…

Recommendation by my neurosurgeon, who made a house call the next day, was to get bed rest, no Tuesday show, anti-inflammatories, ice, gentle massage and a stern warning: If I got a headache within the following week, I must stop dancing and get an MRI immediately.

Thankfully, no headache has appeared yet. Though my neck is still stiff, I have been rehearsing with Maks. In fact, I suggested that we end our dance tonight with the move that took us out last week. We are doing just that.

I must admit though, I’m having a hard time getting my sexy, dancer mojo back. I’m being a bit self-protective, a bit tentative and I’m finding it hard to just let go and have fun. So, that is my goal this week – to let go and have fun.

Yes, I was hurt. Yes, it was scary but, that was then … this is now … It’s time to believe again!

Let’s hope all goes well for Melissa….same with Maria Menounos with her rib and feet issues. Keep your thoughts with William Levy as well who suffered an ankle injury yesterday.

Moments ago, Cheryl posted this tweet. Does this mean William has a green light to dance tonight?