DWTS Mark Ballas Names Katherine Jenkins A “Panther Snake” For Argentine Tango Tonight!

Mark tells us he’s named Katherine “Panther Snake” for the character she will take on for their Argentine Tango tonight. Below is more from USA Today. Watch out! Their goal is to pick up the points they lost last week….

As you can gather from past weeks, I like to give Katherine different nicknames. This week I’ve named her the “Panther Snake,” because that is the character she has to take on, and those two animals describe this dance’s movement the best. I love our costuming for this routine too.

For each dance, I get to design our costumes and work with the wardrobe department on our look for the routine. The dance is set in the late 1800s/early 1900s, and I kept the choreography as super-traditional to Argentine tango as I could. We have also incorporated a moving story that should really connect with the audience to make this passionate, sexy dance come to life.

I’m so proud of Katherine as she has done extremely well this week. I think my being tougher in rehearsal has definitely paid off, and I’m really looking forward to performing this dance. This style suits her well and she looks and feels very comfortable performing it. This week we are dancing close to the beginning of the show too, so we will get to enjoy the other couples’ dances and the rest of the show. It’s much more relaxing that way!