Derek Hough and Maria Menounos Talk “The Kiss”

I promised Vogue that I would start helping by cross posting the Derek and Maria stuff to this site to take a bit of the load off. Easy for me to do since Derek fans (shout out to Elmari) very kindly send me links to things all the time . In case I don’t say it often enough – thank you! 🙂 I wish this was my full time job sometimes, but alas…

Anyway, Zap2It has an article on Derek and Maria where Derek says that he normally agrees with the judges about keeping it subtle and about how he was worried that Maria had broken her nose (among other things):

We asked Menounos and Hough about that controversial — and hot — moment. Hough says, “Last time I kissed her chin. Last time I failed basically so she gave me a chance to redeem myself.” Oh, he did! Anyone want to turn on the air conditioning?

The judges thought it went too far. Hough says, “No it’s funny because I am actually that guy, I’m the guy where it’s like don’t give it to us, like suggest it and I prefer that. But tonight it was like, it was just fun, we were like let’s just do it. The song was such a big build I’m like we have to do something, we can’t just do a dip, can’t just take the shirt off everybody does that, and she was like what if we just make out? I was like, ‘Uh okay!'”

Menounos had been plagued with injuries, but like we said earlier, the woman is a cylon. She’s not only danced through the pain, but she’s excelled at it. This week, she fell on her chin. Hough says, “That’s what happened. When she fell on her face earlier this week I was, I thought we were done. I thought she broke her nose, her teeth are on the floor, her ribs are all broken, she can’t breath and then luckily she was like oh, I’m okay.”

On the Red Carpet – Derek and Maria have a Motown Foxtrot next week.