PureDWTS 14 Week 5 Media After The Dance Part 2

We’ve got more media coverage to share after last night’s dance. The Access Hollywood interviews aren’t working right now, but, if they are like in weeks past, you’ll be able to view them in the middle of day here.

As promised, Louis Van Amstel reviewed the night at his ABC Blog including how some of the couples danced in rehearsals. Over all, he’s the most worried about Melissa and Gavin tonight. Below is a take. Be sure to read more from Louis here.

Roshon Fagen and Chelsie Hightower ‘s Salsa. If this is dress rehearsal for Roshon I’m looking forward to tonight’s show when his adrenaline is going to kick in! I loved how they had some sexy moments and yet it was innocent. Roshon danced like it was his last dance. He’s showing very clearly that he wants to stay in this competition. Strong moments, speed, flexibility and great partnering with Chelsie. I liked Carrie Ann’s comments! It was very age appropriate. Salsa and calming down, Len? I do actually understand what he’s saying, but Roshon wants to show America he doesn’t want them to be in the bottom two. The scores are good. I’d say three “9s.”

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd ‘s Tango. All I’m going to say is if dress rehearsal was the live show this Argentine Tango would be the dance of the night in my book! Last week I thought they were overrated with their Paso Doble, this week I totally think they’re underrated (by Len and Bruno). This dance was Donald’s best dance by far. Not one little hitch or tentative moment. It had great stillness in the top, fast foot work, dynamic changes and great partnering, especially in the lifts. I totally disagree with Len. For crying out loud, he’s a football player with no dance experience doing this with only five days of rehearsal. Three “10s” in my opinion.

Overall: It was such a great day to have met all the celebs and see them dance during dress rehearsal. Everyone did better than in rehearsal, which is not the norm. I’m worried for Gavin and Melissa tomorrow when I look at the dancing and how the personalities come across, but after Sherri Shepherd’s surprise elimination it just goes to show you that “Dancing” is about so much more than just dancing well.

Tristan has written a new blog at Entertainment Weekly. He writes about he and Gladys Samba last night. Below is a take about Motown Week if they make it. Next week will be right up her alley…

Big plans for Motown Week? First of all, it’s going to be a great night. It’s excitin’. I mean, Motown is superb, know what I mean? To be part of Motown Week in itself is great, but to be part of Motown Week with a Motown legend, for me, is even better. My plan would be to hopefully get somethin’ along the lines of this week. I want to dance to somethin’ fast. Everyone’s sayin’ well you’ve’ done a lot of ballroom dances, stuff like that — maybe we have done a lot of ballroom dances. So there’s a method to that madness, ’cause the tree is fallin’ down now. So what you want to do is get through all those ballroom dances and get to this stage of the competition. Well then you have your fast dances and your fun dances you want to perform. That’s what I want — another fast one where we can entertain people and where Gladys can kind of let loose a little bit. Unfortunately we can’t pick ones out and which songs we want. We’ll probably get a slow one!

Good Morning America hasn’t posted a review of the night. When and if they do, we’ll be sure to post it.

Ok, that is all for now, Dancettes. Here’s to the Results show!! Stay tuned for Miss Heidi’s Numbers prediction post for who will be eliminated tonight. It will be interesting as always. 😉