PureDWTS 14 Week 5 Media After The Dance, Some Dances For Next Week Revealed (Videos)

I loved Latin night! I still haven’t recovered. :mrgreen: Let’s see what the couples had to say to George Pennacchio after they danced! He asks some of them more on their comfort zone. He asked the Pros on what silent dance they’d like to perform or which dance they’d perform to show off who they are. It’s also Motown Week next and he finds out some of their dances….

First up, Melissa said she is happy with last night’s dance and score. It was about ‘just the dance’ and she had so much fun. They have the Viennese Waltz if they make it to Motown Week. Maks is worried they will be picked to go tomorrow if they are in the dance duel and it will be his fault as he is a “liability” (wha??). It sounds like he is preparing themselves for the worst. 🙁 Maks loves the Argentine Tango for a silent dance.

Peta told Donald he needed to work hard this week. George praises Peta for the ‘amusement park’ ride she created and they pulled off (I loved that move too! Breathtaking!). They have the Fox Trot next week if they make it. Donald says he loves the challenge of not knowing what’s coming next. Peta loves the Rumba for the silent dance.

Mark and Katherine have the Samba next week if they make it. Katherine is happy with their improvement. They “worked so hard” to make it happen. Katherine isn’t thinking about the mirror ball. She is just taking one week at a time and enjoying her family when they come watch. Mark would do the Jive to show who he is because he never gets tired.

George asks William about his injured foot. He is ok to keep dancing. They talk about how much fun they are having and the hard rehearsals. They rehearsed for more hours and it paid off. They have a Rumba next week and Cheryl wants to concentrate on bringing out William’s “soul” for Motown week.

Chelsie would choose the Rumba for a silent dance. She and Roshon are happy with their score last night. He hopes he brought some “sexy”. He really wants some 10’s in the future.

George tells Gladys she commands the stage and brings magic and joy. The fact that she can “entertain” and make people happy is what it’s all about. Tristan is here to show off Gladys. He hopes they get a fast dance for next week.

Gavin is “absolutely nervous” about tonight’s dance duel if he has to do it and going home. If they make it, they will do James Brown. Karina would do a Flamenco or a Rumba to show who she is.

Jaleel showed some skin to play the character in last night’s dance. George thought their dance was so entertaining. Jaleel hoped for 9’s. Kym praises the audience and is glad they liked it. Kym is secretive about next week’s dance if they make it, but, says they will be stylish. Kym would pick the Fox Trot to show who she is because she is “Old Hollywood”.

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