SPOILERS!!! DWTS Season 14, Week 5 – Who Got the Boot??

Dang, my number post is looking pretty good right now. πŸ™‚ Eh, don’t get used to it. I’ll probably blow it next week.

Anyway, after the obligatory chatter so that I don’t accidentally spoil anyone, Gavin and Jaleel did the dance duel and unfortunately, Jaleel was the clear winner…and the judges saved him.

What did we predict?? Well…

Heidi: I predicted Gavin would go with Melissa as an outside chance. However, I was reasonably confident that Roshon or Jaleel would be in the bottom two with Gavin, but that either one would beat him.

Courtney: Put Melissa at the bottom of her Power Rankings, thinking she might go home, but had Gavin as a possibility as well.

Vogue: Said that it would be Gavin and Gladys in the bottom two and that Gladys would lose.

And the winner is…well, no one, really. I’m totally bummed that Gavin went home and Jaleel is still there. However, my early prediction would be Jaleel and Roshon in the bottom two next week. As for Jaleel’s numbers, I’ll likely cover that in next weeks “Dancing by the Numbers” post, unless someone is dying for it now.