PureDWTS14 Week 5 Media After Gavin DeGraw And Karina Smirnoff’s Exit (Interviews)

Gavin had one of the classiest exits in DWTS history, IMO. Always took criticism with a smile, worked hard, respected his partner and had a blast. I was a fan of his music before, but now I call myself a fan of HIM! ~Magnolia

The above quote is from PureDWTS reader Magnolia on Gavin DeGraw in Heidi’s Spolier’s post last night after Gavin DeGraw was eliminated. I thought she summed it up so well for what we are going to miss about this special guy. It’s so true how Gavin always took criticism with a smile and just had a good time on Dancing With The Stars. He was just an all around nice guy! I’m going to miss his “sense of style” too for what Tom Bergeron mentioned and….HIS SIGNATURE HATS!! So, here’s to Gavin and Karina and some media after their elimination with Jimmy Kimmel, Access Hollywood, and On The Red Carpet for starters….

Here’s a piece from E Online as well on why he did the show. He expresses his great love and respect for Karina…

“The fact is this, I signed up for it and it requires a lot of time and a lot of work, a lot of effort and loads and loads of dedication,” Gavin told us. “I did this more to have a great time, pick up a couple of steps, hang out with a beautiful woman instead of living on my bus with a bunch of other smelly musicians.”

All kidding aside, Gavin gave all the credit to Karina Smirnoff for making it as far as he did.

“I love Karina Smirnoff,” he gushed. “I love her. She’s a great dancer. She’s amazing for taking on the challenge of teaching me a couple of the easy versions of the things she knows how to do amazingly well. When Karina shows you a move you think it looks really easy and you’re like, ‘OK, I’ll try those shoes on.’ The shoes are big my friends, the shoes are very big. It’s hard to pull those moves off!”

You can read more here for how they felt on the Dance Duel, the cast, and the fart joke. LOL

Stay tuned! We’ll post their Good Morning America interview shortly! πŸ˜‰

UPDATE: And below is their interview on Good Morning America this morning….

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