DWTS Donald Driver Dishes On The Differences Between Training For Football And Dancing & More

The LA Times interviewed Donald Driver Tuesday. He talks of the spins he does with Peta and what the differences in training for dancing versus football. Great interview! Be sure to read more at the link.

Q: Those were some amazing spins you did with Peta. What’s the secret for not getting dizzy after spinning so fast and furious?
Have kids! They’re always playing and asking me to spin them around. I’m used to all those spins at this point.

Q: Which training is more intense, training for football or training for dancing?
When you’re dancing, you have to think about and remember where every single part of your body should be at every moment. You have to move everything in unison. And, on top of all that, you have to worry about your facial expressions! I’m not going to say dancing is harder than football, but learning a dance is definitely harder than learning a [pass] route!

Q: Do you think all this dance training will help you become more nimble or quicker on the football field?
I’m not sure if it will make me quicker, but it’s definitely keeping me in great shape!

Donald wrote a blog as well. Below is more from JS Online. He’s so thankful as always and looking forward to he and Peta’s Fox Trot. He has some special words for Gavin as well.

Thank you to everyone who voted this week; Peta and I will look to keep the momentum going with the foxtrot.

As always, elimination night was pretty tense. I thought Gavin DeGraw and Jaleel White both did an awesome job with their dances, given they each had only an hour or so to practice. But in the end, someone had to go home, and we’ll miss Gavin’s sense of humor on the set.

It’s hard to believe we’re already at the halfway point of the competition. To me, it kind of feels like we just finished up the second quarter and it’s time to start the third. I’m hoping that the fans and everyone will keep me here until the end of the game.