DWTS14 Maks Chmerkovskiy Doesn’t Feel Support In The Ballroom, Teasers On Next Dance

Well, I was going to wait to see if Access Hollywood posted a video for this interview that broke out last night, but, since I’m not sure they will, we better post the text for this interview now about Maks not liking the “Dance Duel”. He comments about the lack of support in the ballroom (can’t say as I blame him for saying that! He and Melissa have had the hardest dances from the get go! They’ve also been underscored a few times while others have been overscored.) as well. He also gives out some info on he and Melissa’s next dance. Exciting if you haven’t read it yet!

“It’s kind of like the gladiator thing – ‘To the death; and we all became friends. We’re not supposed to fight each other. This is wrong!’”

“Everything about it,” Melissa chimed in, shaking her head.

“And the floor opens up into a virtual death match,” Maks said. “It’s like, ‘Come on!’ It’s just not good.”

Melissa and Maks have managed to hang in the competition week after week, despite their scores, which haven’t moved them out of the lower part of the pack, and Maks is thankful to the fans who are keeping them in the game.

“This is the first season where I feel like, ‘Damn! We have a lot of support out there,’ because I don’t feel the support in the ballroom,” he said.

Next week’s show is inspired by Motown and the pair cannot wait to hit the ballroom and Viennese waltz to “Ooh Baby,” which legend Smokey Robinson will perform as they show off their moves.

“Having Smokey Robinson perform while we dance to it… I really don’t care if we get a 5, I got to dance to Smokey Robinson live singing,” Maks said.

“For me, dancing, with Smokey Robinson singing that song, is beyond a dream,” Melissa noted. “I’m going to try not to cry through the whole thing.”

You can read the full story at Access Hollywood!

UPDATE: Maks’ blog is up at TV Guide. He writes of his frustrations with the Dance Duel and the scores. He also discusses their next dance and the “marathon” (yes, it’s true! There will be a marathon dance!). More below. Be sure to read more at the link.

I thought Melissa did a great job this week. She’s improving little by little and I’m very proud of her. I wish I could answer your questions and explain why we got a lower score after the judges told her it was her best dance yet, but I don’t know what’s going on in their heads. I don’t think Melissa’s the best dancer on the show, but she’s working very hard and it shows. I want her to know that she’s doing an excellent job and I want her to be proud of herself. I’m giving her something that, five years from now, she’ll go, “Check it out! I did that!” That’s what I want for her.

We have the Viennese waltz this week and the marathon. The Viennese waltz is our main focus, and Melissa’s doing well. I think everybody is so tired that we’re just gonna see how the marathon goes. We had a little marathon run-through after the results show. If everybody’s game, we might do something special. I’m focusing on keeping Melissa happy.

The biggest tell was my dad calling me. He never calls. He’s busy as ever. He wakes up at 5:30, out the door at 6, comes home in the wee hours. But he called me and said, “I saw your performance and I don’t get the scores. She was great.” My dad is very straightforward, there’s no sugarcoating. He never compliments someone unless it’s deserved. He’s a very black-and-white type of person. It’s not about, “Oh my God! Have you seen this?” He was like, “Your dance was great. She did great and others weren’t.” I’m fine with getting 7s as long as we’re all judged on the same scale. I would be saying this even if we got the highest scores — everyone should be judged consistently. I’m not obsessing over scores because it’s not like you can change them. But you also have to move forward and do your job, which is what we’re doing. I’m having fun. Melissa’s having fun, and that’s what matters.

UPDATE #2: And below are Maks and Melissa on Access Hollywood today….