DWTS2012 Mark Ballas And Katherine Jenkins Dish On The Dance Duel And Their Upcoming Samba

There is most likely going to be a video interview with these two (like with Maks and Melissa), but, for now, enjoy an article from Access Hollywood on Mark Ballas and Katherine Jenkins. Mark says the “Dance Duel” doesn’t bother him since it might help him and his partners versus previous seasons. Katherine, however, feels the opposite. More below including how they are prepping for their dances coming up….

“It’s horrible,” she said. “You feel like you’re being picked apart.”

She may be a frontrunner, but hitting the ballroom week after week has been a nerve-wracking experience for the classical singer.

“When I’m singing, I’m never nervous… I’d prefer to be in a little bit more control,” she told Access.

“Katherine likes situations she has 100 percent control over, and this show is the complete opposite. She can’t control anything,” Mark laughed.

The duo is rehearsing a samba for their competition dance, a marathon number for the group round, and a jive should they end up in the “dance-off.”

It’s unlikely the pair, who tied for the leaderboard top spot with William Levy and Cheryl Burke last week, will have to take part in the “dance-off.” Instead, viewers are eagerly awaiting Mark and Katherine getting their first perfect score of the season.

Mark, however, said they just want to do a great job.

“We try not to worry too much about the scoreboard,” he said. “As long as we walk off thinking, ‘We couldn’t have done it better,’ then that’s when I’m usually satisfied,” he said. “It would be nice to have three 10s at some point, but getting that 10 out of Len is not an easy task.”

You can read the full story at
Access Hollywood. Below is a picture Mark tackling an image of Len that he posted at his facebook and twitter accounts on Thursday.

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