DWTS Season 14 Stats Class – Week 6 (Motown Week)

Motown Week? How much you wanna bet that this is honor of Gladys Knight being part of the cast? Just throwing it out there. =) In any case… ONWARDS!

As a REMINDER we are in Week 5, which means that the data that the following predicted scores are based off of, are from the middle third of the previous seasons. If you’re wondering what this means see the following breakdown:
– First “Third”: Weeks 1 through 4
– Middle “Third”: Weeks 4 through 7
– Last “Third”: Weeks 7 through 10

This is to keep the progression as accurate as possible. So if there is a dance that happened in a previous season but in a later week (like Week 9), it wouldn’t make sense to consider it in the predicted scores because the skill level is different between Week 5 and Week 9.

I’m gunning for accuracy here people… well as accurate as subjectivity can be.

Dance: Jive
Average Scores:
– Age: 21.000
– Occupation: 23.000
– Professional Partner: 21.000
Predicted Score / Rank: 22 / 8th
Comments: We don’t know for sure that Gladys has the Jive, but I do find it odd that she is given the Jive and the Dance Duel is also the Jive. Is this in anticipation that she’d be in the “bottom two” and as thus to help her pass the Dance Duel TPTB’s gave her the same dance? We’ll never know for sure until the show, so enough speculation for now. Since the numbers do indicate her to be at the bottom of the pack… this is just re-enforcing what could be true. Without any data of previous celebrities in a similar situation, we can only speculate, but personally I think the score is fairly spot on.

Dance: Foxtrot
Average Scores:
– Age: 25.077
– Occupation: 22.667
– Professional Partner: N/A
Predicted Score / Rank: 24 / 7th
Comments: Donald is dealt the Foxtrot, and gets to prove that he can be a debonair gentleman… ooo la la! Season 3’s Warren Sapp is the only other NFLer that has done the Foxtrot midway through the season and he got a 21, the difference between Warren and Donald though (in my opinion) is that Warren was more of an “everyman” dancer, while Donald’s got some game as well as that winning personality. So having a higher score than Warren makes sense to me, but I’m hoping for higher.

Dance: Rumba
Average Scores:
– Age: 24.389
– Occupation: 24.000
– Professional Partner: 23.500
Predicted Score / Rank: 24 / 6th
Comments: Before I go on… I’m totally missing the allure of William, what is it about him that is making the girls swoon, because I’m not seeing it. (Lack of) Physical attraction aside, William gets the Rumba, where he has another chance to be a pole dancer (aka a guy that is a prop for the female to dance around… like a pole), I really hope not… I really really hope not, because that can only take you so far. Actors in their 30s that did the Rumba midway through the season was Season 3’s Mario Lopez who got a 27 and Joey Lawrence who received a 24. Dance-wise William seems to be closer to Joey’s skill level than Mario’s so I say a 24 sounds about right.

Dance: ChaCha
Average Scores:
– Age: 25.556
– Occupation: 24.000
– Professional Partner: 24.000
Predicted Score / Rank: 25 / 5th
Comments: Jaleel hasn’t been able to capture the same magic as the first week, and with a dance that caters more to the fun/flirty happy-go-lucky side I’m thinking this is the dance that would keep him from the bottom two this week. Granted Season 13’s David Arquette got a 24, so I’m sure that Jaleel do better, but not by much unless he shines beyond the Dance Duel last week (remember it was the ChaCha).

Dance: Samba
Average Scores:
– Age: 24.417
– Occupation: 24.000
– Professional Partner: 26.500
Predicted Score / Rank: 25 / 4th
Comments: Another week of Katherine getting to shake her “naughty bits” in a different way. Samba moves differently from the Jive and some of the other Latin dances, so she doesn’t really have those to fall back on. If you look at Season 3’s Sara Evans and Season 8’s Chuck Wicks they got a 24 and 27 respectively. I’m hoping that Katherine would get closer to Chuck than Sara because she is a far superior dancer by skill than Chuck.

Dance: Viennese Waltz
Average Scores:
– Age: 23.600
– Occupation: 25.800
– Professional Partner: 26.000
Predicted Score / Rank: 25 / 3rd
Comments: Melissa has had a lot of high energy-ish dances for the first half of the season, it’s about time she gets to slow it down a bit. Season 6’s Marlee Matlin was more middle of the road with a 24, so I’m looking for Melissa to do about the same if not a point or two better than that, as the predicted score entails.

Dance: Foxtrot
Average Scores:
– Age: 25.077
– Occupation: 26.000
– Professional Partner: 26.333
Predicted Score / Rank: 26 / 2nd
Comments: Yay the Foxtrot, a happy-go-lucky dance with absolutely zero chance of kissing happening… I hope. Season 7’s Brooke Burke did this dance and received a perfect score… Maria’s progression hasn’t gotten her to the point that a 30 would make sense… but with Derek as her partner, so anything’s possible (apparently).

Dance: Rumba
Average Scores:
– Age: 26.667
– Occupation: 25.00
– Professional Partner: N/A
Predicted Score / Rank: 26 / 1st
Comments: Oh, Roshon is going to have some fun tonight! I mean look at him! He’s been trying to put the moves on Chelsie (well if the packages are to be believed, and we know how heavily THOSE are edited). He is smooth on the dance floor, and the boy can dance! But can he Rumba? Well other Disney stars in their 20s were able to: Season 3’s Monique Coleman got a 27 while Season 5’s Sabrina Bryan received a 28… so he’s got some heels to fill in, but considering what we have seen thus far… I’m hoping he’d come closer to that perfect score than what is predicted.