Mark Ballas Comes Up With Ingenious Idea To Get Katherine Jenkins’ ‘Bounce’ On

Mark gives us a hint at USA Today of what to expect of he and Katherine’s package and dances tonight on Dancing With The Stars. Get ready for some “wackiness” in their package as they ready for the Samba!

We have three dances this week: the samba for our solo dance, the cha-cha for the marathon and then all the teams must prepare a jive for the dance duel. My first thought: “Ugh! that’s a lot!” But it’s good — they are all fun, and I enjoy each of them.

Samba is all about partying and bouncing. Katherine has naturally straight legs so I came up with a pretty ingenious idea to encourage her to bend her knees and get her “bounce” on. Be sure to tune in Monday to see where I took her and the wacky activity I made her take part in.

More at USA Today.

UPDATE: Here is a new rehearsal interview with Mark and Katherine and Extra. Check out her Salsa moves. What do you think? Hmmm….