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SPOILERS!!! DWTS 14, Week 6 – Who Got the Boot???

Court here, subbing in for Heidi, who is boozin’ it up in the mountains or something.  😛 I wonder if drinking at a higher altitude gives you more of a buzz…

…well, now that I’ve wasted enough space so as not to catch the ire of some of the Twitter folks who haven’t watched the show yet, I can say that it ended up being Gladys & Roshon in the dance duel, with Roshon being saved by the judges and Gladys sent home.  And despite the fishiness of having 4 couples in jeopardy, there was no double elimination, as was previously rumored.

So how did our predictions stack up?

Heidi: Assumed there would be a single elimination, with Maria & Roshon in the bottom 2 and Roshon getting saved after the duel.  Also thought there might be a chance that it would be Melissa & Roshon in the bottom 2, with Roshon still getting saved.

Courtney: Assumed there would be a double elimination, and predicted Gladys to go home outright, with Roshon & Maria duking it out in the jive duel with Maria ultimately getting saved.  Thought there was a minute chance of Melissa landing in the duel with Roshon, in which case Roshon would be saved.

I’ve gotta say – even though I think Gladys was probably the weakest dancer still left in the competition and it was her time to go, I feel so bad that they made her do the damn jive duel…that was just cruel.  But she impressed the hell out of me with the effort she gave – it was a much closer duel than I expected.  But overall, I’m glad Roshon is safe for another week – even though it scares the crap outta me that he still landed in the bottom 2, with all of the outrage I saw here at Pure and on Twitter over how truly SCREWED he got by the judges this week.

So we didn’t get a double elim after all.  Part of me is relieved, as it probably saved us from losing Roshon and possibly Maria or Melissa; but part of me is also a bit worried for next week, as it’s the team dances, and one team is going to end up with 4 couples while the other ends up with 3.  The last time that happened was season 9, and the team with more couples came into the team dance at a big disadvantage and basically got trounced by the team that only had 3 couples.  More couples = more need for synchronization = less room for error = more egos.  And yet another tricky little way for TPTB to give the edge to some while shafting others.  Heidi, where are you? Bring us booze.  🙂

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ABC Releases Official Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Confessionals For Week 6

Poor Maria. I feel for her as I’m a clutz too. lol 😉

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DWTS Season 14, Week 6 – Dancing by the Numbers

Boy, what a crap ass night. And yet, extremely predictable. I have to wonder if Katherine just isn’t getting the votes because she was the biggest example of over scoring last night, by far. Unless you like Vanilla Sambas. I restrict my vanilla to COFFEE, thank you. 🙂 William was too, but he actually got critiqued. Mark and Maks go back to their old ways…Donald and Roshon are, once again, under scored for the benefit of the favored children…it was an all around disappointing night.

I have to laugh at anyone who believes that Derek is favored – judges kinda made a fool of you, didn’t they. LOL. Yep, Maria is in trouble tonight. I think she might pull it out, but she is the least well known of the non-judge’s pets of this season. Weellll…

Let’s look at the couples and their percentages of the total:

The Judges Scores and Percentages

Place Celebrity Score Percentage
1. Katherine 39 15.12
2. Jaleel 37 14.34
3. William 36 13.95
4. Donald 34 13.18
5. Maria 30 11.63
5. Melissa 30 11.63
7. Roshon 28 10.85
8. Gladys 24 9.30

Gladys is, once again, at the bottom of the leader board. The question is….does she have the juice to pull it out tonight?  Last week, Gavin and Melissa were both below her in scores, but Gavin and Jaleel were in the bottom two. Melissa only needed 4,500 (chump change) votes to pull ahead of Gladys and 13,400 to pull ahead of Jaleel. Gladys only needed 8,900 votes per million votes cast last week for Jaleel to then fall into the bottom two – this week it’s a lot more and she doesn’t have the protection of Melissa and Gavin being below her. What has to happen for Gladys to stick for another week?? She has to stay out of the bottom two for one thing. For that to happen, she needs TWO of the following things:

–          Gladys needs to get 15,500 more votes per million votes cast than Roshon, OR;

–          Gladys needs to get 23,260 more votes per million votes cast than either Melissa or Maria, OR;

–          Gladys needs to get 38,760 more votes per million votes cast than Donald, OR;

–          Gladys needs to get 46,520 more votes per million votes cast then William, OR;

–          Gladys needs to get 50,400 more votes per million votes cast than Jaleel, OR;

–          Gladys needs to get 58,150 more votes per million votes cast than Katherine.

Clearly, Katherine is going nowhere. Again I wonder if she’s not getting the votes because she’s not that much better than Donald.  Now, Gladys can get past Roshon (and this is likely why we have the dance duel, cuz I think it would be easy), but whether she can get past Maria and Melissa is a mystery that will be solved tonight. They have insulated Jaleel, our other bottom two dweller, pretty well.  Will he end up in the bottom two again? Read on.

Roshon is next on our list – and on a night when I thought he danced better than William and Katherine both. Roshon has been in the bottom two…and on judges scores alone, he’s in the bottom two again. But is he when it comes to the combined total?? Based on the judges scores, and assuming that Gladys gets the votes she needs, Roshon needs TWO of the following in order to be safe:

–          Roshon needs to get 7,760 more votes per million votes cast than either Melissa or Maria, OR;

–          Roshon needs to get 23,260 more votes per million votes cast than Donald, OR;

–          Roshon needs to get 31,010 more votes per million votes cast then William, OR;

–          Roshon needs to get 34,890 more votes per million votes cast than Jaleel, OR;

–          Roshon needs to get 42,650 more votes per million votes cast than Katherine.

Gotta say, I’m not really sure what’s going to happen here. Roshon has fallen into the bottom two before, when tied with Maria and four points ahead of Melissa. Now, he’s a couple points below both of them. So, have the Roshon fans mustered enough votes to make up a defict where there wasn’t one before?? I kinda doubt it, but you never know. Roshon got hosed so his fans might have really gotten it together. Read more..

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Louis Van Amstel And Tristan MacManus Write On DWTS14 Week 6, ET Interview

In Part 2 of our media postings today, Louis Van Amstel reviews the night at ABC. He thought William ‘should have been out earlier and Donald should have stayed longer’ in the Marathon Dance. Louis would have given it to Katherine or Donald. Below are some of his thoughts on the individual dances. See if you don’t agree and be sure to read more at the link. I think Louis pretty much pegs it again and puts it all into words I couldn’t find. Don’t forget that Louis will be dancing again tonight in a Pro number.

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough’s Foxtrot. That’s a fast foxtrot. Maria did a great job. It’s a shame about the little mishap on the stairs. Great frame, very good posture and as a couple they moved nicely and smoothly across the floor. I do feel Maria is quite stiff and needs to loosen up if she wants to go to the finals. In the hold, Maria is solid, but when Derek lets her go she looks pretty tight and insecure. I agree with Len’s first part “In hold,” but “NOT in hold.” It wasn’t as great. As a matter of fact, that’s where Maria lost her footing. I agree with Carrie Ann’s score – three “8′s” in my book.

Roshon Fagan and Chelsie Hightower’s Rumba. This was a very solid performance by Roshon. He looked very comfortable in this routine, awesome arm lines. The momentum in one of the turns caused a very slight lift. Roshon attacked this Rumba a little hard sometimes which sacrificed some of the tenderness and sensuality that is so important for the Rumba. It was very age appropriate though. Carrie Ann, wow, now you’re going to be the lift police after so many other competitors did lifts before and you didn’t mention anything. Even though the judges had a weird way of criticizing Roshon, I do agree with them. The judges could have been a little less aggressive about it. The scores are low-ish. I’d say the scores should have been the same as Maria, three “8′s.” (In my opinion, Maria should have gotten three “8′s.”)

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas’ Samba. This was another beautiful performance by Katherine. She just doesn’t have a bad movement in her body. There were a lot of great technical elements in that routine, with a good, solid bounce. I’m going to be a little more critical of Katherine right now (In my opinion, in comparison, she’s already better than anyone else). Katherine can finish her legs off better when closing her feet and when doing a Latin dance she should express it differently from her ballroom dances. Everything is always “pretty.” I sometimes want to see the differences — sultry, hot, rough, sweet, bitchy, sensitive. She can show more variety. I like what Carrie Ann said, although I would have liked to see a bit more ‘In your face’. A little over-scored. Three “9′s,” in my opinion, but since Maria got such high scores two “10s” are deserved in comparison.

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd’s Foxtrot. Is Donald really a football player? He’s not a dancer? Donald totally impressed me again tonight with his dance. It had great Foxtrot content. He had a great frame and let’s not even get started on Donald’s charisma. It was strong when it needed to be and soft when the time was right. Awesome job, especially knowing he’s not a performer, dancer, singer, actor at all — and yet he does it all with ease. And another great costume! I totally agree with Bruno. That was cute, Len! I agree with Len that Donald can do more. Get your freestyle music! Well deserved scores. If they would have given one “10,” I would have agreed.

ET interviewed the couples on their dances. Gladys is happy. Roshon is a little down (can’t say as I blame him!). Melissa wasn’t happy with her and Maks’ package. Lots more below. It’s so good to see Steve Jones of the X Factor again.

Lastly, Tristan has a great new blog up at Entertainment Weekly explaining he and Gladys’ dances. Here is a little excerpt. See if you don’t agree with some of the things he said too about the judges?

On the “My Girl” rumba: We were hoping for a faster dance but the rumba’s what we got. We got a great song, and we got to dance to the Temptations. I was annoyed by some of the comments the judges made. They put me in a fierce bad mood afterwards. What Bruno said about wanting a more steamy dance — I thought that was stupid. It wasn’t about being steamy and hot, and no one wants to see me steamy with Gladys.

I don’t think it was appropriate. They said, well maybe you’re not the best dancer, and things needed to be more steamy. Being steamy doesn’t make anyone a better dance either, does it? That’s just a gimmick. I think a lot of it is about performance. That’s what really annoyed me. It was a tribute to Motown and that’s what we did. So the way we took the rumba was that the passionate side and the love that you’re supposed to portray in rumba, that was directed towards Motown. It should have been marked on the dance and not marked on flamboyance.

Chelsie and Roshon were underscored immensely for what they’d done. I thought they were great, know what I mean? There just needs to be consistency somewhere and there definitely needs to be a bit of common sense in places as well. So as much as people are saying about Len, he’s this and he’s that — he knew that the appropriateness of what should have happened tonight, and Bruno and Carrie Ann should have known that as well.

On that purple suit: The funny thing was, I wanted to try to put Gladys in as many colors as possible, and she really liked purple. The Temps wore purple all the time. So that’s how I stole that costume. If you put in “The Temptations My Girl” it goes to the song on YouTube [embedded below] — you can see even from the movie that they have purple suits. The whole look itself was, again, part of the tribute. My look was David Ruffin’s, the lead singer on this song. That was the look that he had, they were his glasses and stuff.

Ok, that is all for now. Here’s to tonight’s results. I’m curious to see if two of the contestants will be eliminated? I hope not. Also, stay tuned to Heidi’s Numbers post coming up a little later with her predictions which are always fascinating and entertaining as well!! 😉

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PureDWTS14 Week 6 Media After The Dance, Some Dances For Classical Week Revealed

Let’s get right to the On The Red Carpet interviews with George Pennacchio and see how the couples felt about their dances and the night. Let’s also see if George finds out anything about next week’s dances as well….

First up, Chelsie and Roshon! George tells them they has his favorite dance last night. They said no matter what, they had a good time. Roshon said he tried to do the best he could. For Classical Week, Chelsie wants to clean it up and really get Roshon moving if they make it. Roshon wants to keep it mixed up and entertaining.

Derek and Maria talk of how the Marathon dance messed up their scores. Maria took full responsibility. These two have the Paso Doble if they make it to Classical Week. They gave them a song for next week, but Derek said it’s “so not right” and wants another. For right now, he just wants to concentrate on the “Dance Duel” for tonight if they have to do it. He wants to be sure they are loaded and have the bullets ready to go.

Gladys is so pleased with last night. She had the best time and she felt like they had a great dance. She doesn’t care about numbers. It’s not what is the most important thing. They are looking forward to the Dance Duel if they have to do it. They opened the show last night and they will close it tonight if they have to. If they make it for Classical week, they will do something “classic” and show another side.

Melissa “really enjoyed” herself last night and feels inspired to keep going. Maks would like to dance to 90’s R & B if he could choose a theme, but, he loved Motown Week. They talk of how the show is determined to make him the bad guy. Maks won’t reveal anything for classical week if they make it.

Read more..

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Just a music and dancing fan here ....and a lover of life, nature, animals, and spending as much time as possible camping in our travel trailer. Favorite Quote at the moment: "Sing like no one is listening. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching, and live like it's heaven on earth." ~ William Purkey. Follow me at: Voguerista Twitter & Voguerista Soundcloud. To view my photography site, see Lisa Kay Photography.