PureDWTS14 Week 6 Media After The Dance, Some Dances For Classical Week Revealed

Let’s get right to the On The Red Carpet interviews with George Pennacchio and see how the couples felt about their dances and the night. Let’s also see if George finds out anything about next week’s dances as well….

First up, Chelsie and Roshon! George tells them they has his favorite dance last night. They said no matter what, they had a good time. Roshon said he tried to do the best he could. For Classical Week, Chelsie wants to clean it up and really get Roshon moving if they make it. Roshon wants to keep it mixed up and entertaining.

Derek and Maria talk of how the Marathon dance messed up their scores. Maria took full responsibility. These two have the Paso Doble if they make it to Classical Week. They gave them a song for next week, but Derek said it’s “so not right” and wants another. For right now, he just wants to concentrate on the “Dance Duel” for tonight if they have to do it. He wants to be sure they are loaded and have the bullets ready to go.

Gladys is so pleased with last night. She had the best time and she felt like they had a great dance. She doesn’t care about numbers. It’s not what is the most important thing. They are looking forward to the Dance Duel if they have to do it. They opened the show last night and they will close it tonight if they have to. If they make it for Classical week, they will do something “classic” and show another side.

Melissa “really enjoyed” herself last night and feels inspired to keep going. Maks would like to dance to 90’s R & B if he could choose a theme, but, he loved Motown Week. They talk of how the show is determined to make him the bad guy. Maks won’t reveal anything for classical week if they make it.

Donald was pleased with his dances last night and that he blew away Len. He feels the competition is heating up and he will work that much harder to try and get three 10’s next week. They have the Viennese Waltz for Classical Week. Peta says it will be prim and proper…and old fashioned.

William is sweating and said he gave it his all last night. They had so much fun doing the Marathon dance. They have the Viennese Waltz for next week if they make it. Cheryl hopes to show a romantic and sophisticated side of William.

Katherine says Mark told her to look in his eyes for the Marathon and never take them off. She can’t believe they won. No matter the score, Mark says they tried to do their best. They don’t reveal anything for next week’s dance, but, Mark wishes they’d have Theatrical week some day with no rules.

Kym and Jaleel are excited and surprised on their comeback. He hoped Motown Week would be his dance. If they make it this week, they have the Viennese Waltz. Jaleel has no problem getting romantic. Kym thinks it will keep them in the competition.

Stay tuned Dancettes. Another media post coming up shortly! πŸ˜‰