Gladys Knight Leaving Dancing With The Stars, But, Not Without Leaving Some Magic (Elimination Media)

“I adored watching Gladys this season and think her pairing with Tristan was magic. He knew exactly how to present her each week, always with loads of respect and just the right amount of sauciness.” ~Cidra

And so we say good-bye to the beautiful and legendary Gladys Knight and her sweet Irish partner Tristan MacManus on Dancing With The Stars!! We all knew we were in for something very special when Gladys agreed to do the show, didn’t we?! I don’t think I’ll ever forget our reactions upon hearing she was going to dance. I think what I loved the most about having Gladys on Dancing With The Stars is seeing that radiating and unique “soul” and “heart of gold” and how “down to earth” she was in a more personal way. It’s no wonder why she is called the “Empress of Soul”. What’s more, I feel like she’s stamped a little piece of herself magically on all of us showing us that in a deeper way. So, thank you Gladys and thanks to Tristan as well for helping her to bring that “Empress of Soul” into her dancing now too.

So, let’s get to some interviews after the elimination from Jimmy Kimmel, On The Red Carpet, and Entertainment Tonight. We’ll try and get their Good Morning America interview up as soon as possible (if there is one?).

Their Good Morning America is now up at ABC. You can veiw it here. Love the bit about BUBBA and how it was Tristan’s idea to call him in for the package. Thanks to @TristanMacManusFans at twitter for the heads up!!