Mario Lopez Mentions There Will Be An All-Star Season Of Dancing With The Stars On Live With Kelly (Video)

Today Mario Lopez was a co-host on LIVE With Kelly. In the first part of the show, they started discussing Dancing With The Stars and the elimination last night. They didn’t like the Dance Duel. They also talked of the judging and how unfair it is at times to the contestants. Then Mario mentioned how there will be an “All-Star” season for Dancing With The Stars 15 and how they called him to do it. You can watch what he says about it all below….

So, what do you think and would you want Mario to come back to do an “All=Star” season of Dancing With The Stars? Who else would you like to see come back?

I’d love to see Kirstie Alley, Jennifer Grey, and Evan Lysacek come back. Mario would be cool too!!!