Bruno Tonioli Discusses Judging On Dancing With The Stars And How He’s Not Biased

Bruno Tonioli was a guest on Access Hollywood today. They asked him if William is his favorite since he gets up and goes wild for him after a performance, but, Bruno says he’s not biased. Below is his take on William…

“I don’t have a favorite. I respond to what happens in front of me. And, you know, you can’t deny it. He’s hot. Hot is hot. And he’s good. He’s actually good,” Bruno said on Friday’s Access Hollywood Live.

Known for his fun-spirited, and sometimes saucy comments (and hip rolls while delivering them), Bruno admitted he was unaware of William before the competition, but the Latino hunk has continued to impress on the dance floor, churning out excellent performances with professional partner Cheryl Burke, week after week.

“I had no idea who he was to be honest… It’s not just because he’s good looking. He produces electrifying performances, but you can be good looking and boring as hell. He’s not. He actually performs wonderful dances,” Bruno continued. “Hotness helps, but the hotness alone? You can have the hottest person in the world, the most beautiful person in the world and they don’t have personality, they don’t have depth to it. It’s boring. It’s like watching, you know, a mannequin.”

I’ve loved some of William’s dances too, but, I think there has been some favortism going on with the judging. Then again, we are all biased at times with our favorite dancers. So, can we not expect the judges to be the same? I don’t know…maybe if they weren’t picking on Roshon so much, I wouldn’t feel that way?

More for how Bruno feels at Access Hollywood. Hopefully they will have a video of this interview up shortly.

UPDATE: And here it is thanks to XKorita05 at You Tube (a good one to follow if you are a big William Levy fan)….