DWTS2012 Donald Driver Appreciates Len Goodman Being Hard On Him And More

Donald Driver explains to the LA Times why he likes to watch video footage of himself dancing. He also dishes on the competitive aspect and trying to get some “10’s. He appreciates why Len is so hard on him. See why below….

Q: Obviously, everyone’s goal is to get that perfect 30. You’ve flirted with it, do you feel you’re getting close?

I feel like we’re getting real close, but in order to get a 10 from Len we’re going to have to push ourselves harder than we have all season. My goal since day one has been to improve each and every week. If we do that, the 10s will come!

Q: I’ve watched all 14 seasons, and notice Len is usually hardest on the ones he thinks has a chance to win. Do you think Len is a little harder on you than the rest of the competition this season?

Len said it on Monday, he thinks I have the potential to be a great dancer. He wants me to fulfill that potential. I don’t view it so much as him being hard on me. It’s more like he’s pushing me to be the best I can be, which I love. I think we all need someone to give us a nudge and remind us we’re capable of doing more, doing better.

You can read more at the LA Times. I hope this upcoming week Peta and Donald will finally receive the 10’s they deserve!!

Just a reminder: Don’t forget this beautiful duo will be on The Ellen Show on Monday!