Roshon Fegan Talks Of Chelsie Hightower, Trying Harder On Dancing With The Stars, And More

Roshon recently told E Online that he’s taken “a couple back hands to the face”, an “elbow to the rib” and “a head-butt to the chest” by parter Chelsie Hightower in rehearsals. She’s “dangerous”. He also chatted about the elimination and how hard it was to be in the bottom two. Through it all, it makes him want to try harder. Here is more…

“She’s like a vortex,” he laughed. “She just doesn’t care. She spins out of nowhere, dives into me like a football player with no warning. I’ve kind of gotten used to it. I’m keeping my eye on her now. She’s dangerous!”

Fegan says “words can’t really describe” how tired he is from rehearsing six hours a day. Despite the rigorous practice schedule, he and Hightower ended up in the bottom two on this week’s show.

“It was pretty hard,” he admitted. “It was pretty jacked up. It’s not a feeling that you ever want to be in because being in the bottom two feels like you let your people down.”

But luckily Fegan was saved when singer Gladys Knight was voted off. “That was a bad feeling,” he said. “She was like my mom on set…we loved her.”

Fegan added, “With that, it makes you want to try harder and be on top.”

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Love these two and I so hope they find themselves in the top three this week!