Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Las Vegas Odds Going Into Week 7

Sorry we are a little late with these, but, I wanted to wait until Miss Heidi got home from her travels this week so she could add her fun input. With that said,…

The new Las Vegas Odds have been posted at Las Vegas Sports Betting. In comparison to last week’s odds, note how Donald and Katherine have switched places for first, but, not by much. Everyone else is in the same order, though I continue to think they (and the judges) are underestimating Roshon and not giving him enough credit for his ability to dance which I think is sad. Let’s get Heidi’s and Courtney’s thoughts and be sure to let us know your thoughts as well in the comments.

The new Las Vegas Odds for this week:

Katherine Jenkins 7/4
Donald Driver 19/10
William Levy 11/4
Maria Menounos 15/2
Jaleel White 12/1
Roshon Fegan 50/1
Melissa Gilbert 50/1

Last week’s Las Vegas Odds:

Donald Driver 19/10
Katherine Jenkins 2/1
William Levy 9/4
Maria Menounos 8/1
Jaleel White 25/1
Melissa Gilbert 30/1
Roshon Fegan 30/1
Gladys Knight 100/1

Courtney: Not much to say this week – I think they’re finally starting to get close to the actual odds.  Kinda sucks, though, that they have put Katherine increasingly closer to 1:1 odds – 1:1 odds signify that you’re basically guaranteed to win, so they must be feeling like Katherine’s got this thing pretty much in the bag.  I would like to think that we’re not at the point where things are set in stone yet – that someone like Donald or Maria might be able to swoop in and make a run for the MBT.  But sadly, with each week that passes and the judges overscore/underscore certain couples, I’m beginning to think we’re stuck with a Katherine/William finale, and the 3rd spot will be whatever poor couple that can weather the sh*tstorm the best.  This season gives me a sad 🙁

Heidi: I dunno…I know an awful lot of Derek fans planning to vote for Donald if Maria gets eliminated. 🙂  I don’t think Katherine has this thing in the bag at all.  The key will be once we get past the dance duels and/or the double elimination. Will they start scoring it more realistically or will they keep over scoring Katherine and William to a ridiculous degree until they have safely gotten rid of  Melissa/Maria/Roshon??? Really, keep giving William and Katherine undeserved tens and start throwing eights at Maria and even lower at Roshon and Melissa and that’s really all you have to do to engineer the finale you want. Why do they want that particular finale?? Because they’ve gotten it in their heads that if they don’t manipulate the proceedings, the “good” dancers will go home and the audience will either be mad or the show will lose credibility. They’ve made the classic mistake of thinking their audience is stupid. Only a small portion of the audience is truly stupid…and unfortunately, those are the ones with the loudest voices. So, how desperate are they for a William/Katherine finale??  I guess we’ll see.