Mark Ballas On DWTS14 Week 7 “This week is promising to be an epic one”

Mark has written about he and Katherine’s New York City press tour this past week at USA Today. He talks of what an honor it was to perform with Katherine on Good Morning America and how she sang “like an angel”. They are back in Los Angeles now practicing their new dances which includes the Rumba for their individual dance. He gives some teasers on it below. “This week is promising to be an epic one,” he writes. Details below including his thoughts about winning the Marathon dance this past week.

Speaking of last week: I want to just say how fun it was to make it all the way in the dance marathon! I’ve never even made it to the point when the floor becomes a free-for-all, so that was my goal. But for Kat and I to win the whole thing was beyond fun and rewarding, not to mention we got to wear my favorite color too β€” electric green!

Back on to this week. It is classical week, and we have rumba, which is the dance of love. The general feedback from the judges so far is that the rumbas have been a little too raunchy. We want to keep ours classy, sophisticated, elegant and passionate. Also, I am using all traditional choreography with an old classical storyline and costumes that will take you back hundreds of years. To say I’m really excited to perform this with Katherine for you all is an understatement. Another twist this week is the team tangos; we put a little twist on our theme. I think you’re going to love our team!

Wise move and sounds really cool in my opinion.

You can read more if interested at USA Today.

Picture above is courtesy of Zimbio Pictures.