Louis Van Amstel, Tristan MacManus, Karina Smirnoff, And Tony Dovolani Review Week 7 On Dancing With The Stars

Louis pens a new blog at ABC for what he thought of the dances for Classical night on Dancing With The Stars. Like many of us, he thought the judges scores were a little low for Melissa and Maks. He’s worried the most for them. He pretty much pegged it until I read what he wrote for Derek and Maria. What do you think? I totally disagree. They deserved every bit of the 10’s they received in my opinion. Heidi’s right. He seems to have issues with Derek?

Maria Menounos and Derek Hough’s Paso Doble. Maria looks so beautiful in that red dress — very appropriate for Paso Doble and the song they were given. In comparison, I believe Maria is the lesser dancer of the remaining celebs. That routine is easier than the others and her movement is sometimes stiff — even though it’s Paso Doble. Having said that, Maria has an iron determination and doesn’t surrender. I highly applaud her for that. Even though the video package showed her insecurity and frustration, she did deliver a very solid performance. Sorry judges, I really liked it, but not enough for Katherine to have to watch her back. Wow, I can’t believe the judges comments and scores. I’d say three 8′s for difficulty level and maybe two 9′s for performance. Not 10′s.

Overall. It’s now up to you guys to vote for your favorite couple. I’m mostly worried for Melissa, but in my opinion I feel the judges over scored Maria to save her. Or will Roshon be the one going home because he’s been in the bottom two a few times already?

Tristan MacManus had some thoughts on the night as well at Entertainment Weekly.

On Monday’s Classical Night dances: I saw a couple of them all right, didn’t get to see them all. Good competition tonight eh? Derek and Maria were really really good, so it’s nice to see someone get a full score I guess. Certainly after a difficult week, and at this point in the competition it’s good to see someone get those scores.

Donald Driver wants that 30! It’ll put a spark in him. If he can see now that someone can get them, then he’ll want to make sure they get the next perfect score. Donald’s great, he’s gonna be around for awhile.

Who will make the finals? I don’t really know! The way the competition’s going, you don’t really know what’s going to happen week to week. Might be easy enough to pick out one week who’s gonna be there, and then the next week, like I said, because the competition is so hard, next week someone turns around and has an unbelievable performance, know what I mean? Even if you look at the scores for this week — last week, people were saying well Maria, she didn’t do a great performance. And now she’s got perfect scores. I think Donald’s gonna be there, certainly. He’s been great from the start. I’d really like to see him do well. Mark and Katherine were superb as well. Maybe Maks and Melissa didn’t have a great night tonight, but as the weeks have been going on and on, she’s certainly been getting better. I thought they were quite good tonight. You never really know!

On William Levy initially shying away from Team Shirtless: Well, I guess if I think about it, had I been on that team, there would have been a team decision. It wouldn’t be just my decision. That’s what happens — if you’re dancing for yourself and your partner it’s easy enough to make a decision there, but when you’ve six people on a team, well…he didn’t want to take his top off tonight, and he ended up taking his top off. That’s what happens. Yeah, it was what it was.

Below is Karina Smirnoff and Tony Dovolani’s thoughts on Classical night at Good Morning America this morning. They have nothing but high praise for Maria and Derek! Great review on the night. Check out Karina’s mention on Maks and his tights!

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