PureDWTS Season 14 Week 7 Media Interviews After Dance Night

I always love the On The Red Carpet interviews with George Pennacchio! Let’s get to them right away to see what the dancers thought of their dances.

First up, Derek and Maria! George tells Maria her feet scare him. Derek says she never complains even though he knows her feet are killing her. They never thought they’d get three 10’s last night or that they’d be the first to do so. They are very happy. George says there is something special with Derek and the Paso Doble. Isn’t that the truth?!!

Donald wanted the first triple tens, but, that’s ok. He’s going to keep trying. Quitting is not an option and he’s having so much fun. He loves his partner.

William is happy for the improvement he’s made. That’s all he cares about versus the judges scoring. Cheryl switches the topic and talks of how crazy the audience went when he took his shirt off for Team Paso. She insists that’s what people want to see (really, Cheryl?). He just wants to keep putting his heart and soul into it all.

Roshon and Chelsea loved being welcomed back into the competition from Carrie Anne. They were proud of what they brought for the Team tango dance. Roshon is dancing in his sleep and while he’s awake.

Katherine gives Mark props for her technique. Mark said th Rumba was a challenging dance since the music was difficult. They were so excited and happy for Derek and Maria receiving triple 10’s.

George doesn’t understand why Maks and Melissa don’t get higher scores from the judges. Maks tries to explain it. He’s proud of Melissa and the lifts they did last night. Melissa says their dance felt the best it ever felt and that’s all that matters.

Jaleel won’t let anyone throw cold water on their dances. He’s especially proud they won the Team dance. He felt he did the best he could and will use the criticism to build on next week.

Access Hollywood interviewed Maks & Melissa and Jaleel & Kym as well on their team dances and how they came to be, etc…

E Online also has a great wrap up on the night which you can read in full here. Below is a take with Derek’s thoughts on their triple 10’s.

“It’s really crazy, it hasn’t even sunk in yet!” Derek told us. “It was just a really, really great night. First perfect score!”

“I think I might bawl my brains out after this,” Maria added. “The rumba was one of my favorite dances because I felt like I was in a movie!”

So what was the secret to their massive success? Derek said it’s all in the method to his madness.

“I break ’em down,” Derek joked. “To find this sort of inner demon. I think what it is, I never tell [Maria], ‘I think you could get a ten with this dance,’ but inside I was telling her that. I think that pressure on myself to wanting to make her good and pushing her [makes it happen]. With all my previous partners, all the weeks I’ve gotten really hard on my partners and they kinda hated me is weeks when we’ve done really well.”

Too fun! More media on the night coming up! Stay tuned!!! 😉