DWTS14 Week 8 Details On Next Week’s Two Dances, One Will Be A “Trio” Dance

What would we do without George Pennacchio of On The Red Carpet? Once again, he interviews the couples after Results night to find out what he can for next week’s dances. He found out there will be no theme night (Yay!) and that the couples will have two dances next week …a Ballroom dance and a Latin dance. To add a “twist” to the night, the Latin dance will be danced with a third person. The dance is called a “Trio” dance. How it works is that the remaining couples get to pick another pro who has been eliminated or who is a member of the troupe to help them and then they perform together (if I’m understanding this right?). Don’t forget there will also be a double elimination as well next week making it even more challenging and stressfull for the couples. Listen closely below for more details and then look for more thoughts from Heidi and I afterwards. Note also that Maria & Derek and William & Cheryl weren’t interviewed.

Ok, here we go….

Maks and Melissa are so thankful to their fans for keeping them in the competition. Maks goes through the numbers (Heidi will find this interesting!). Melissa is happy she gets to stay and keep dancing. They are dancing with Val for their “Trio” dance which will be a Samba.

Donald is going to keep working hard. He wants in the finals. He’s a little nervous about having two dances and one with another person, but, and he will do whatever it takes. (Adding: In a new ET interview, Peta mentions they have a Tango and a Jive for next week. Karina is their pro for the Trio dance).

Katherine was worried she and Mark might leave last night. They are happy they weren’t eliminated. Mark explains how the dances will work next week, but, won’t reveal their dances or much else.

Roshon says he’s learning so much on the show. He’s taking it ‘step by step’ and he’s glad he’s still here. George praises him for his ‘class’ for smiling through bad news and that he still get’s out there to work hard and he’s happy and thankful. Chelsie explains the dances next week. They have the Paso Doble for their “Trio” dance. They have the Fox Trot for their ballroom dance.

Roshon and Chelsie were also interviewed by Access Hollywood…

Adding: Below is an Afterbuzz TV interview with Maks, Melissa, and Tony as well. Tony has been picked for one the Trio dances, but, not sure who yet? Thanks to Evaine for the heads up on this in the comments.

Adding #2: According to Cheryl’s blog just posted at OK! Magazine, she and William have the Fox Trot and the Paso Doble for next week. No mention on who their pro will be for the Trio dance. More below…

Next week is two individual dances, so you’ll really see who can handle two dances and who can’t. We have the foxtrot and the paso doble. I think the paso is going to be one of William’s favorite dances so I think that will be really exciting. And then the foxtrot, I think will be fun, too, so we just have to see what happens and work hard.

We may add more later. So, what do you think of the way they are doing next week’s dances? I’m not sure what to think yet? It sounds exciting, but, I’m clueless. lol Let’s get Heidi’s thoughts and be sure to tell us your thoughts as well….

Heidi: I think Maks should not try to do the math. πŸ™‚ He should just come here. But look away for a minute if you’re sensitive….@#$%$# Jesus Christ, can’t they just let this f#@king show alone?? A third person in their dance?? Β WHY!?!?!? Β STUPID. RIDICULOUS. Let them f@#king dance!! :::sigh::: That said…I’m sure that a couple pros (Derek, Mark) will rise to this challenge quite well and we might see something great. But the better odds are that we’ll see something stupid as hell.