DWTS Maria Menounos New Spokeswoman For New Bud Light Lime-a-Rita (Interview, Photo)

Esquire has a fun new interview up with Maria Menounos. She talks about being the new spokeswoman for the new Bud Light Lime-a-Rita. They also ask her about Dancing With The Stars and what it felt like to receive three 10’s this week lining up with her win this year on Wrestle Mania? There is also a big party in Las Vegas this week promoting her new Bud Light gig. Some of her cast mates of Dancing With The Stars will be attending too. Details below…

MM: Dancing with the Stars, for me, is the most vulnerable I’ve ever had to be in front of people. Dancing is something that I’ve never been comfortable with. It’s nothing I’ve ever trained in, so I started completely fresh. Even though I’m not a wrestler, I grew up wrestling with my cousins. We’d watch the moves on TV and replicate them, sometimes more painfully than we probably would have liked.

ESQ: So you’re more gifted as a wrestler than as a dancer?

MM: I don’t know! I think three “10”s is starting to say I’m becoming a dancer.

ESQ: And now you’re selling us Bud Light Lime-a-Rita.

MM: Yeah. We’re hosting a huge party at the poolside of Mandalay Bay [Hotel in Las Vegas], and I’m bringing some of my cast mates from Dancing with the Stars down. I jumped at the chance to do it. ‘Cause A, I’ve always been a Bud Light fan. B, I’m obsessed with the Lime-a-Ritas. And C, we need some pool time.

ESQ: And just in time for Cinco de Mayo. But what does a Greek girl from Boston know about margaritas and celebrating a Mexican holiday?

MM: Well, everyone thinks I’m Latin. With Dancing with the Stars, we’ve hammered home the Greek thing, but everyone always thought I was Latin. So I always say I’m Latin in my heart. I love margaritas. It’s funny — I don’t like alcohol generally. If you see me out anywhere, I always have a But Light in my hand. Then there are those rare moments when I like a margarita. This was perfect, because it’s a margarita with a little bit of Bud Light. I’ve been drinking it this morning, and I’m feeling kind of guilty, because it’s 8 a.m., and I’m gonna start working soon for Extra, and I might be drunk by then. Just kidding.

LOL! Too cute! Be sure to read the full interview at Esquire as Maria also reveals her and Derek’s new dances. As always, don’t miss checking out Pure Derek Hough for even more on this adorable and fun couple currently.

Picture above is of the Team Tango Girls with Brooke Burke ‘behind the scenes’ of the show this week courtesy of Dancing With The Stars Make-up at Facebook.