Major Switcharoo For Dancing With The Stars Season 14 Las Vegas Odds Going Into Week 8

Las Vegas Sports Betting has posted their new odds for Dancing With The Stars. What another difference one week of dances can make compared to last week’s odds!! Maria’s numbers have risen and rightfully so. For the first time, she’s placing higher than William Levy. Donald Driver and Katherine Jenkins continue to be neck and neck for first. I felt a lump in my heart when reading how they’ve put Roshon Fegan in last and at such low odds. He’s tons better than Melissa Gilbert. Do the odds makers even watch this show? 😐

New Las Vegas Odds for this week:

Katherine Jenkins 9/5
Donald Driver 19/10
Maria Menounos 3/1
William Levy 7/2
Melissa Gilbert 60/1
Roshon Fegan 75/1

Last week’s Las Vegas Odds:

Katherine Jenkins 7/4
Donald Driver 19/10
William Levy 11/4
Maria Menounos 15/2
Jaleel White 12/1
Roshon Fegan 50/1
Melissa Gilbert 50/1

As in previous week’s and to help us/me understand it better, lets get Miss Heidi and Courtney’s thoughts and reaction and be sure to tell us yours too in the comments section.

Heidi: So, basically, all it takes is one dance?? I mean, I would love for it to be true…but it was ONE dance. Yeah, I think Maria is better than William…I think ROSHON is better than William…but if all it takes is a perfect 30 to move you up the Vegas odds?  Well, I kinda think that shows how little these guys know about DWTS.  The judges will probably be handing out 10’s to William and Katherine this week and the will be the end of that.  Yep…I’m still cynical. I don’t expect it to go away any time soon. 🙂

Courtney: I think the oddsmakers also tend to disregard that it was a good dance during a week where everyone else just did okay-to-marginal – it puts things in perspective a bit when you realize that Maria didn’t really have anyone nipping at her heels this week, and it was likely due to almost everyone getting shafted to a certain degree by their music choice.  As much as I think it SUCKS that Roshon has such astronomical odds to overcome, I do think the oddsmakers are about on the money there – he’s the only remaining contestant that has been in the bottom 2 (and he’s been there three times), and he’s really only still here because of the dance duel.  I guess Melissa’s odds are slightly better due to the fact that she’s never been in the bottom 2, despite her scores – but I don’t think she really stands a snowball’s chance in hell of actually winning, as I don’t see her suddenly giving 10-worthy performances…and man (and woman) cannot win on votes alone.